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Strip Drains –  For All Your Wet Area Projects!

Are you looking for an efficient and elegant drainage solution? Well then, strip drains are the answer for you! Known by a raft of other names, including linear, trench and channel drains, strip drains comprise a long narrow drainage channel. In contrast to the more traditional form of drainage, rather than collecting water at a singular point, strip drains collect water along the length of the channel. This makes them the ideal drainage choice for small indoor spaces, as well as vast outdoor ones!

Strip Drain Applications

The concept of trench drainage is by no means a new one, however, the introduction of stainless steel to the market has broadened the appeal, from a product that is largely industrial, or purely utilitarian, to something that has all the necessary drainage efficiency and durability, with added aesthetics, and even safety features!

Auswave Products’ stainless steel strip drains feature two components, a stainless steel channel (although, linear grates and frames are available to accommodate preexisting trenches), and a drain cover. Drain cover style is dictated by application, as well as design considerations.

Our strip drain grates are available in three basic varieties, heelguard wedgewire, tile insert and perforated pattern grates.

Heelguard is the heavy-hitter of strip drain grates. With narrow drainage openings, it prevents heel entrapment. With a relief angle on the underside of the grills, it promotes drainage efficiency. The innately slip resistant wedgewire can further be applied with a bead blasted finish for even greater grip.. Heelguard wedgewire strip drain grates are applicable from the bathroom, right through to outdoor areas, as well as civil and industrial drainage needs.

Tile inserts strip drain covers do not look like a grate at all. In fact, their appearance, in situ, is rather like the surrounding tiled, or paved, surface. Tile insert grates are the ideal discrete drainage solutions! While the drainage inlet appears as little more than a narrow gap surrounding a tile, this drainage style is equally efficient as other strip drain grates. Tile insert strip drains are commonly used in bathrooms, balconies, pool decks, but also feature in commercial construction.

Perforated pattern grates are a simple construction. Unlike other grate styles, these strip drain grates are almost exclusively domestic in their application, mostly bathrooms, but also sometimes balconies.

Summary of Stainless Steel Strip Drains

Auswave Products provides stainless steel strip drain channels and grates for a broad variety of installations. Fabricated, in Australia, from 304 or 316 grades of stainless steel, our drains feature in domestic, commercial and industrial constructions in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Stainless steel brings corrosion resistance, strength and durability, as well as a pleasing aesthetic.

Our strip drain floor waste grates can be found in:

If you are interested in any of the above, or other applications of Auswave Products’ ground-breaking stainless steel strip drains, contact us! We welcome custom works. 

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