Coloured Wedgewire Shower Grates

Coloured Bathroom & Shower Grates

Feature the functional! Make your drains dazzle!

With amazing colours to choose from you can now add flair to your bathroom, creating seasonal variations from cool blue in summer to hot red for that warm feeling in winter.  Theme your bathroom to whatever the location, tiles, or style of your overall bathroom in a way that has never been considered. The need for drainage doesn’t mean that a functional piece like the humble drain need be anything less than a statement – becoming a stunning bathroom feature!

Auswave Products provide custom shower grates – here are the coloured wedgewire style that can be supplied to suit whatever your custom design requires, from flooring to walls and fixtures your coloured drain grate can enhance your bathroom design in delightful ways.

Make your bathroom look like new with a product that is engineered in Australia to Australian standards so you will have a product that will last years beyond the competition with low but easy service and support for when you need it.

For other grate styles we offer something for everyone; for the budget conscious please check out the style of pressed metal grates that we supply, or for the solid stainless look, our standard wedge wire grates while the uber creatives might be drawn to art printed stainless grates and for those who want to make a statement like no other, we offer Gold plated grates or other finishes like silver and platinum!

If you cant have a liner grate, we can of course supply the above styles for point drains (examples of point drains here).

Coloured Shower Grates Examples Gallery

Coloured Grate Applications:

Coloured grates can also be used to create a safety feature to show which drains are which. This is great for identifying what materials can be drained where, particularly in industrial applications. Red grates, for example, could be used to highlight dangerous substances, where blue or could be used to identify drainage to waterways.

Commercial kitchens can now have easy to clean and maintain drainage which will outlast any of the typical synthetic (plastic style) grates typically found, in colours and textures to support safety and design.

You can make your bathroom look like new with a striking coloured grate to match features found in the overall theme of your dwelling, you could even match your point drains with your grates to theme out the entire house, including the driveway (yes, our grates are used in driveways!) poolside and patio / outdoor areas.  Check out our pool and outdoor grates here, we can supply them in any colour you want.

Get Creative With Coloured Shower Grates!

If you’re interested in the Coloured Wedgewire Grates for an upcoming project, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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