Wedgewire Grates

Steel Wedge Wire Linear Shower Grates

Wedgewire Linear Shower Grate

Once a product limited to industrial applications, stainless steel has also become a popular medium in residential construction.

Stainless steel has many advantages. It is strong, scratch and wear resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore it is aesthetically appealing, making it is the clear choice for industry and savvy homeowners.

Our stainless steel products offer a visually appealing feature to your room, outside or industrial space. Highly customisable, our products add a stylish finish paired with marble, slate and tile, around pools, in bathrooms, kitchens and industrial buildings.

Why Choose Auswave Products?

We are industry leaders, offering a superior, longer wearing product than many products on the market.

We use high grade stainless steel, with stainless purity of 304 and 316. Cheaper alternatives can have grades as low as 301.

With superior design and construction, our grates, made using Australian made PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ®, are designed outlast and outperform the competition

We supply the highest quality at the lowest price, offering a longer lasting product that better retains its sheen than cheaper alternatives.

Contact us now to view our high quality grate range, or to discuss the right drainage system for your next remodel or build.

Linear Bathroom Drainage System

The rust resistant nature of stainless steel makes it the ideal solution for bathroom drain grates, lasting longer than aluminium and copper.

Aside from providing an elegant finish to any bathroom, our linear bathroom drainage system resists the accumulation of soap scum, deposits, mineralization, dirt and so forth.

If a linear bathroom drainage system is your preference, we offer the best possible solution for your project.

Wedgewire Grates From Auswave Products

Our wedge wire grates offer durability, longevity, visual appeal, and can be tailored to fit almost any budget.

Our products undergo rigorous quality checks from start to finish ensuring our products also meet strict Australian Standards and the high-quality standards we pursue in the industry.

Applications of our wire grates include:

  • Double and walk in showers
  • Horizon pools
  • Anywhere you need safe drainage!

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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