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Auswave Products (Aust) P/L

We are an Australian owned company and have been servicing the drainage / architectural market nationally for the past 15 years.

Our products are orientated around the bespoke market, predominantly using stainless steel heelguard material as the primary ingredient in our designs. Auswave Products will design specifically to your specification, from concept through to install. We are equipped with a full CAD drafting system at our disposal and have collectively over 50 plus years experience in the drainage industry to boast of.

Situated in Sydney, we are on call for site measure and to advise on design when required on a local level. However, when required we have the ability to react quickly to interstate enquiries as well.


Our Products

We design and manufacture high quality stainless steel grates for a range of applications.

More than just a product for drainage, our heelguard stainless steel grates are both a functional and aesthetic solution in domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Furthermore, thanks to the properties of stainless steel, our innovative designs, and quality construction, our stainless steel grates are suitable in both indoor and outdoor environments, and withstand weather, water and chemicals, heavy pedestrian traffic and so forth.

Perhaps you have not considered stainless steel grates for your project. Here are just a few ways our Australian Made stainless steel grates can be used:

Water Features and Art installations

Stainless steel grates are the ideal material for water features, providing a safe surface and resilient product that will look good in the long run. Additionally, the elegant, light-catching lines make stainless steel heelguard grates the ideal material for water features and art installations alike. With a full CAD drafting system, custom fabrication and a wealth of experience, let us make your vision a reality today.

Stainless Steel Floor Grates (including platforms, walkways, entry mats).

Our versatile grates make the ideal flooring choice for civic, commercial and industrial spaces. Whether it is an entire flooring surface, a public walkway, or a building entry mat, the possibilities are endless with our stainless steel heelguard grates.

Stainless Steel Stairs

Slip resistant, light promoting and aestheically pleasing, stainless steel grates fit right in whether it is on the factory floor or in an executive home. After an added touch of opulence? Consider gold plated stainless steel stairs.

Architectural Constructions

Our custom stainless steel grates can be used to add modern and attractive finishes to prestige projects, for example casinos, boutique hotels, palatial homes and so forth. We custom fabricate linear shower grates, linear and curved linear pool grates, threshold grates, bar drip tray, as well as the aforementioned water and artistic features, and beyond. No project is too big. Contact us today to find out how our stainless steel grates can be used to optimise your designs.


Made in Australia

australian made logoOur product is proudly manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. We deliver a higher quality product than imports which are known for their poorer quality build and source material. This means it will last longer because it is more durable by design and construction. And, we can then also build to your needs and can make custom solutions for your bespoke application


Are Aligned to

Aust / NZ load Standards
Slip Resist Australian Standards
Bike Safe Standards