Driveway Drain Projects

Considering Driveway Drainage?

For a simple thoroughfare from road to house, driveways can prove a sizable investment. Even for an average house block, driveway price tags begin at a couple of thousand. If you are looking to ensure the longevity, and safety, of your driveway, then your “driveway project” ought to include a “driveway DRAIN project”.

Driveway drainage, while not essential for every driveway, is required when the topography of the area causes water to flow to, or pool in, unwanted areae, for example a sloping driveway that would otherwise channel water into a house, or an undulating driveway that may cause slippery pooled places.

The Skinny on Strip Drains

When used correctly (for example, the right product, the right location), driveway drainage, like other stormwater drainage applications, helps prevent surface water from flooding indoor spaces or other undesirable locations, from pooling on the driveway itself, or from pooling around the structure of foundations (including the driveway) that may cause damage over time.

Driveway drains may take the form of a pit or trench, or in some cases, may require a combination of the two forms. 

Perhaps obvious from their name, trench drains, also called channel, linear or strip drains, feature a long narrow drainage channel and grate, they may feature multiple outlets, dependent upon their length and water throughput requirements. Given that this style of drainage “spans” a space, they excel at driveway drainage, whether they skirt the driveway’s edge, or are built into the driveway, spanning the driveway’s width.

Driveway Strip Drain? CLICK DRAIN!

Driveway trench drains come in an array of mediums, from plastic and FRP to galvanised steel and wrought iron. While there are pros and cons to these mediums, if you are looking for a medium that ticks all the boxes, stainless steel is a clear winner.

Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant material. It possesses strength and durability, even in the face of the blazing sun and copious volumes of water. It is not without good reason that stainless steel drains have become an increasingly popular product for shower drainage, now you can enjoy the benefits on your driveway too!

Auswave Products’ stainless steel  strip drains are particularly popular when it comes to driveway drainage projects for exclusive residences. Not all driveway drains are created equally – our’s benefit from quality materials (namely, tested 304 and 316 grades stainless steel) and superior Australian design and construction. Our stainless steel driveway drains also possess a pleasing aesthetic, unmatched by many other products on the market.

To facilitate your driveway drainage project, our unique linear/strip drain system CLICK DRAIN ® features a series of modular components, from lengths, to angles, as well as the inclusion of pits. This means that you can have the best drainage solution for your needs, assembled by simply “clicking together” the bits that you need… It really does sound like “child’s play”!

If you are interested in a superior solution for your driveway drainage project, do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call. With a wealth of knowledge, and decades of experience, in the drainage industry, we can help! Contact us today.

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