What are Footbridges?

The term footbridge (also called a pedestrian bridge, pedestrian overpass, walk bridge, or pedestrian overcrossing) describes a bridge limited to pedestrians and in some cases, cyclists and animal traffic. Walk bridges exclude vehicular traffic. While constructed in similar fashion to a vehicular bridge, walk bridge flooring differs, often using cement, timber, or grating.

Walk Bridge Materials: Why Choose Stainless Steel Walkway Grating?

While grating has previously been considered a medium for industrial applications, thanks to HEELGUARD technology, stainless steel grating now has a place in the broader market.

Unlike many other types of walkway mesh grating, our stainless steel walkway gratings are perfect for public walk bridges as heels and paws do not get stuck in it. Our walkway gratings also comply with AUST std for both load ratings and slip resistant values.

Our pedestrian bridge grating offers a number of advantages to walk bridge designs and construction.

Firstly, it comes in prefabricated bridge flooring sections, and has great strength to weight ratio.
This equates to a simple build and strong finished product.

In terms of ongoing concerns, our steel walkway grating, is fabricated out of stainless steel which, unlike it’s galvanized cousin, does not pit or wear off after continual use , therefore has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance.

As we’ve noted above, steel bridge deck gratings are friendly on heels, additionally they offer a slip resistant walk surface.

Overview of Benefits of Our Industrial Walkway Grating

  • Well drained and slip resistant surface
  • Corrosion resistant = long lasting
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Won’t rot like timber
  • Won’t crack like cement

Applications for Our Steel Walk Bridge Grating

  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Walk bridges for tourist sites (E.g. Access to rides, walk bridges in zoos)
  • Walk bridges in nature reserves and national parks (e.g. For ground re-vegetation)
  • Maintenance walkways
  • Marinas, jetties, pontoons
  • Catwalks
  • Water and sewage treatment plants
  • Food and beverage processing facilities

Walk Bridges and Beyond!

At Auswave Products we supply a number of stainless steel grating products, including custom. You may also be interested in:

  • Stairs
  • Ramps (Disabled access ramps)
  • Platforms (Industrial access platforms, Oil and gas platforms, Transmission tower platforms, Petroleum refining access platforms, etc.)

Stainless Steel Grates for Walk Bridges

If you are looking to construct a walkway or foot bridge, contact our team to find out how we can help you with our easy to assemble stainless steel grating for walk bridges.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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