Grate Lights

Grate Lights – What a Bright Idea!

Grate lights?!?! We know what you are thinking… water!… lights!?! Uh! Uh!
Thanks to our fabulous grates and waterproof lights (thank you LED technology!), the two can be combined for dramatic effect!

Whether you are after ambient bathroom lights or a subtle lighting solution along your garden path, grate lights can help to create the atmosphere that you desire.

What Are Grate Lights?

Grate lights go by a number of different names, for example linear shower drain lights, light strips, light line or LED strip lights. Essentially, they are a track of purpose designed waterproof led lights that are inserted within a drain. This creates an impressive effect, diffusing light through the grates, as boldly or as subtly as you will. A wide array of effects can be achieved given the availability of a variety of perforations, designs (including custom) and colours.

Where Can You Use Grate Lights?


Create a unique bathing experience with our linear shower drain lights! We offer not only submersible lights, but even varieties that can be activated by water!


Why not run our linear grates along the edge of your driveway (see also driveway grates) and light the way with our outdoor led strip lights for a grandiose entrance!

Walkways and Paths:

Just like driveways, grate lights offer the perfect solution for both drainage and lighting in both public and residential settings.


Who doesn’t LOVE swimming on a balmy summer’s evening! Right?!?! Make your pool the centre for any party with our pool led strip lights and pool grates.

Our premium stainless steel grates and submersible LED strip lights are not limited to domestic application and can be used in public pools and water parks also.

Patios and Decks:

Grate lights can transform your patio or deck into THE place to be of an evening!

Public and Civil

Our grates lights have been used in a number of public works and civil projects to create stunning work. Here are some examples of our work


Replace those old garden lights with outdoor led lighting and drain grate solutions. No more having to worry about knocking over those flimsy plastic numbers!

Industrial Safety:

Grate lights offer a water proof, energy efficient, recessed floor strip lighting solution, making them ideal for a number of industrial situations where safety is paramount.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Why Choose Auswave Products as Your Grate Lights Supplier?

We are industry leaders in premium stainless steel grate and channel drainage solutions. Combined with our great grate lights, we can help you to achieve the atmosphere that you are after.

Whether you are looking to combine grate lights as part of a residential or commercial or civil project, we have an innovative grate light solution for you.

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