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Custom Grates – Endless Grate Solutions With AUSWAVE PRODUCTS TM !

At AUSWAVE PRODUCTSTM we are committed to meeting your grate needs, providing premium quality, Australian-made stainless steel drain grates.

Unlike a number of other suppliers who offer only fixed grate styles, lengths or dimensions, at Auswave Products we provide custom made stainless steel grates.

With high quality materials and a team of dedicated builders, designers, and engineers at our disposal, we can ensure that you get the ideal custom stainless steel grate solution for your purpose. This is why we are so popular with architects and civil contractors!

Custom Grates: How Can We Help You?

We offer custom stainless steel drain grates for a range of applications, whether for domestic or commercial properties, or civil and industrial applications. Here is just a sample of some of the custom grate products we can produce:

Curved grates

Not every project requires straight drain grates, thankfully, we supply custom curved grates for just such occasions.

Our custom curved grates frequently feature:

  • Around pools
  • Along balcony edges or thresholds
  • Around (or as part of) water features
  • In landscaping drainage systems

Custom shower grates

We can produce custom stainless steel grates for your bathroom or shower to your specific dimensions or aesthetic preference.

Available in both linear and point drain grates styles, the customizations do not end there! Additionally, we offer a range of grate/drain cover styles (Heelguard wedge wire, perforated pattern grates or tile insert), and finishes, such as gold or chrome plated, coloured grates (including black shower grates), and even printed grates!

See more on our shower grates or bathroom drainage pages.

Custom made floor grates

Grates for floors cover a vast range of applications, therefore, there is a wide scope of requirements. Custom floor grates are often required for industrial floors, walkways, commercial pool decking, and even balconies.

We can help you with custom size floor grates that meet the demands of your location, such as load requirement, environmental conditions (such as natural in floor air flow ducts….see GLASS HOUSE), volume of foot traffic, or simply just visual finishes.

Check out our floor grates and balcony drainage pages for more ideas.

Custom stairs (treads and so forth)

We supply custom stainless steel treads (and others staircase components) for bespoke staircase solutions. Our custom grate stairs are ideal as an architectural feature (gold plated stainless steel circular staircase anyone?), or as a customised solution for civil and industrial projects.

See more on our page on stairs.

Additionally, we can assist you with bespoke grating solutions for:

Sydney's Liverpool construction walkway fountain installation

Why Choose Auswave Products for Custom Grates

At Auswave Products, we are committed to both great service and superior product, that is why we use high quality stainless steel. All our custom grates are made in Australia to Australian standards.

Don’t take the risk with stock standard inferior brands!

Contact us for all your custom grate needs!

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