Access Covers and Frames

Accessing the World Below

Access covers and frames provide protection for subsurface liquids or materials, as well as easy ‘access’ to underground utilities. This might be cable, water or sewer facilities, or anything that needs regular maintenance and inspection. They can be found in public streets, shopping centres, bus and train stations, sports venues, swimming pools and electrical areas. 

Stainless Steel – the Superior Solution

Access covers can be made from a range of materials, from aluminium to rubber, and in numerous forms and styles. None of them come close to the benefits of stainless steel though. For high quality, low maintenance, sustainable, cost-effective and aesthetically appealing access covers and frames, stainless steel is the obvious choice, always. 

Stainless steel is highly corrosion and temperature-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor situations that experience broad fluctuations in temperature, and meaning you can rely on your covers lasting for years to come. Its easy fabrication allows it to be cut, formed and welded to precise specifications, allowing us to create designs that are ideally suited to a variety of applications. It is strong and durable, while being lightweight and compact, unlike other bulkier materials. Because of this, less material is required, cutting your costs and providing a more sustainable option. It is also the hygienic choice, as its easy-clean nature makes it suitable for indoor areas with high foot traffic, such as shopping centres. As well as all of this, it looks great! The abilities of stainless steel allow us create a range of surface finishes; meaning you can have any look and feel that you desire. 

The Auswave Effect 

At Auswave, our high quality access covers and frames are built to last, custom made, and satisfy all Australian Standards. Our ASSDA accredited, GreenTag certified stainless steel is made from 304 and 316 grades, and perfectly integrates to the adjacent floor, providing a seamless finish. We supply a complete range of access covers and frames, both standard and custom, for the civil, electrical, plumbing and drainage markets. Our custom access covers have been used for a variety of different projects, including acclaimed civil engineering projects, and urban access cover upgrades. Their durable and low-maintenance nature means they can be used in a multitude of areas, including stormwater drains, sewers, cables, manholes, pressure pipelines, and septic tanks. 

Auswave Styles and Standards 

We provide a variety of access cover styles, including solid top, multi-part and paver fill. Our stainless access covers come in a range of depths so that they can work perfectly with concrete, tiles, epoxy floors, and brick pavers. Standard sizes are: 

  • 300mm sq. clear opening
  • 450mm sq. clear opening
  • 600mm sq. clear opening
  • 600 x 900 clear opening
  • 900mm sq. clear opening

For optimum safety and ease during operation, our lifting keyholes have been designed to prevent the keys from moving or accidentally becoming disengaged, and plastic plugs are fitted to reduce dirt and debris from collecting. We equip all our access covers with a rubber seal that prevent water from passing in between the cover and the frame, keeping things clean, dry and protected.

Call Auswave — Your Friendly Fabrication Team

If you’re unsure about which cover to choose, we’re here to help guide you through the process. Our team is always happy to help with information, reassurance and assistance, and we take pride in providing you with high-quality service from initial ideas to the project’s completion. 

For great value access covers and frames, with aesthetically pleasing results, Contact us today! 

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