Landscaping Drainage

Drainage grates are an important feature of landscaping design. Although frequently overlooked when it comes to DIY backyard projects, commercial and civil landscaping professionals recognise the vitality of drainage to preserve both the appearance of outdoor spaces, as well as, of course, its safety.

The consequences of poor landscaping drainage are varied, depending on the nature of a space, for example:

  • Gardens and lawns may become soggy
  • Solid surfaces many become slippery from ponding and moss growth over time
  • Water may simply have nowhere to go, running the risk of flooding into enclosed spaces

Landscaping drainage products generally take two forms, subsurface and surface water drainage. At Auswave Products we supply the latter, providing stainless steel trench drainage systems as well as grates and frames for a vast range of surface water drainage applications.

How Can We Help you?

At Auswave Products we provide quality, Australian-Made Stainless steel grates for landscaping, including the following:

Channel Grates

Also known as trench or linear grates, channel grates have a broad range of applications in landscaping. Our channel grates can be found at garden edges, across or skirting driveways, paths, or pedestrian walkways, Read more about channel grates…

Balcony Grates

Keep your balcony, deck, patio, or courtyard well-drained with our linear balcony grates. Our linear grates can also be installed at the threshold from a balcony to an internal space, thus allowing for a flat transition between the two spaces (see threshold grates). Read more about balcony grates…

Pool Grating

For pool and spa surround. Our pool grates are not just suitable for residential pools, but also commercial, including resort, public, and even water parks thanks to their strong and durable material, design and construction. Read more about pool grating…

Tree Grating

Not usually for the mango tree in the backyard (not saying that they can’t be of course), tree grates are often used in parks and municipal or commercial precincts as a way of both protecting the tree and pedestrians. Tree Grates create an attractive and polished finish, particularly in the case where trees are growing among solid surfaces, such as pavements. Read more about tree grates…

Water Feature

Our water feature grates can be used for functional as well dramatic purposes in water features.

Our grates can function as a drainage product alone, be paired with LED lights to create light and water shows, or be custom fabricated for more of an aesthetic purpose, such as materials for a central artistic installation. Read more about water features…


Heelguard grating is our most commonly used drain cover style for landscaping purposes – For good reason! This durable variety of stainless steel wedgewire grating delivers on efficient drainage while featuring narrow enough grills thus preventing heels and other small objects (like fingers and paws) from becoming lodged. This makes our heelguard grating the ideal choice for landscaping, particularly in spaces frequented by the general public. Read more about heelguard…


CLICK DRAIN ® is our modular linear drainage system. Available in a variety of lengths, angles and with end caps, CLICK DRAIN ®  makes trench drainage installation easy! Read more about CLICK DRAIN ® …

Where Do Our Landscaping Grates Feature?

With such a variety of applications, our landscaping grates can be found in a vast range of settings, providing an aesthetically pleasing feature thanks to their sleek design.

  • Backyards
  • Parks and botanic gardens
  • Outdoor precincts
  • Commercial pools and water parks
  • Sport and entertainment venues
  • Outdoor spaces for accommodation and hospitality operations (beer gardens, resort pool decks, and so on)
  • Around public buildings
  • In malls and shopping precincts
  • Street-scapes

Why Choose Stainless Steel for Landscaping Grates?

Landscaped environments often involve elements that are adverse to a number of materials, for example

  • Water – from rain as well as irrigation
  • Temperature variations – baking sun, and even in some locations, frost or snow
  • Chemicals – fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, cleaners and salts.
  • Traffic – In the case of commercial or governmental landscaped spaces, these environments may experience large volumes of pedestrian, as well as vehicular, traffic.

All of these conditions, while catastrophic for some materials, are a mere “walk in the park” for our stainless steel landscaping grates, which are:

  • Corrosion resistant, without the need for ongoing treatments to maintain this quality
  • Able to withstand temperature extremes unlike other materials which don’t fare so well
  • Chemical resistant (we use 304 or 316 grade stainless steel)
  • Strong and durable
  • Aligned to Australian and New Zealand standards for load rating
  • Available in a slip resistant finish for added peace of mind.

And then there are the bonus extras of our stainless steel grates for landscaping:

  • Attractive and sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Relatively light weight making for cheaper transport and easier installation than their concrete cousins.

Let Us Help You?

Whether you are looking for a landscaping drainage solution for a home, a business, or a government project, our helpful team can help you ensure you get the right product for your needs.

With full custom fabrication capabilities, we are able to ensure your visions become a reality.

Contact us today to find out why the “grass is greener” on the Auswave Products side!

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