Balcony and Pool Area Projects

Strip Drainage for Outdoor Areas 

There are many things to be considered in balcony and pool area projects, from construction to renovation, along with flooring surface, drainage is an essential factor!

Without adequate drainage, balconies and pool decks, like any other high use outdoor space, can suffer from slippery and dangerous surfaces, as well as long term discolouration, or even damage.

Balconies and pool decks alike are synonymous with leisure. However, just how inviting an outdoor area is comes down to matters of functionality, but also of design and aesthetics. Stainless steel strip drains offer the best of both worlds, drainage efficiency, and aesthetic appeal!

Unlike the more traditional form of drainage where water is funneled to, and collected at, a particular point, strip drains catch water via a long narrow drainage trough. This has some real structural ramifications! In the case of the balcony, strip drains can be installed along the length of the balcony ledge, requiring only a single gentle slope. This type of drainage makes your tiler’s job easier (no 4 way angles to accommodate), and your choice of tile broader (facilitating bigger tiles).

Balcony Tiled Area? Tile Insert Strip Drains!

At Auswave Products we offer three distinct strip grate styles, including wedgewire, perforated pattern grates and tile insert. If you are looking for a drainage style that is discrete, then tile inserts are the choice for you!

Tile insert grates do not feature a grid formation, in fact, a single narrow opening around a frame encasing a tile is the only evidence of its presence. Despite its seemingly insubstantial catchment, this is by no means reflective of its water throughput – as efficient as it is stylish!

Tile inserts can also be used in the related application of balcony threshold drainage.

Swimming Areas – The Case of the Circular Pool.

In order to keep your pool deck dry, you may be looking to have pool grates running parallel to the edge of your swimming pool. That is all well and good for rectangular pools, but what about the others, or even the spa? No worries! With a specialty in custom works, Auswave Products can supply curved strip drains!

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