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Drainage is the act of naturally or artificially removing water from a surface or sub-surface area. There are several point drainage designs available from circular (which are the classic style seen in construction) to the more modern square and tile insert look.  It’s important that you consider that the water volume will vary, so we help you plan accordingly. When creating and installing your drains, we always take into account all principles, including grade, gravity, vacuum, functional failure and your safety to biological agents exposure. Incorporated into our stainless-steel designs are drain maintenance requirements and repair.

Our broad spectrum of stainless steel manufacturing gives you complete freedom to create something that fits your needs. We can realize any concept, including unusual ones, all in stainless steel. Not only that, but our engineers and team of experts can tailor-make any design you require for your particular project.

Stainless steel combines beauty and durability, as well as creates a perfect harmony between form and function. All of the components of our products are sturdy, non-deformable, durable, resist corrosion and are long-lived.

Point drainage systems are ideal for any surfaces requiring point drainage, either for topographical or structural reasons. The best thing about Auswave Products’ point drainage systems is that you are supporting Australians, even from manufacture which means you are getting a product certified and stronger than the foreign import.

They can be installed in just a few steps, and we also offer them in versions for all load classes and surfaces. They can be used in many locations and for many purposes. The applications can include domestic dwellings, high rises, car parks, industrial zones, bathrooms, garages, airports, roads, paths, etc.

Point Drain Components

Point Drainage Uses

Point drains are utilized in a variety of places, as they are designed to remove any standing water surrounding it. They are most commonly round, but can also be rectangular, linear or square. Auswave Products’ drainage systems are timeless and technically sophisticated, and can be used in new buildings or renovations. All of our versions are made of stainless steel, giving you incredible versatility.

Point drainage is also used in the construction industry, they are used as street gutters, sewers, drainage, etc. Civil point drainage will intercept water at certain points, which connect to drainage pipes that are below the surface.

If you are looking for point drainage for a custom civil application, contact us for the best solution for both durability and aesthetics.

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