Tile Insert Floor Waste

Tile Insert Floor Waste: Beyond Shower Waste!

Tile insert drains for floor waste are the trendiest advance in tiling.

As the name implies, tile insert drains combine both drain and tile to give a sleek finish to your shower or bathroom floor – no more looking at the centre of the drain.

While mostly prized for its visual appeal, tile insert grates are also relatively inexpensive, giving you maximum “bang for your buck”! The big bonus is that they can fit in with your existing tiling, as they are customisable to suit your bathroom, shower, laundry, pool… more on the applications later.

Tile insert floor waste products are common in modern bathrooms and are also known as a tile insert shower grates, (check out our gallery to show you what the shower floor drains can look like with a shower floor tile). Working like shower floor grates but with a tile instead of the usual metal or plastic insert. Home improvement stores and tile stores sell their regular tiles, which is all that is required for shower waste plumbing to use our stainless steel inserts.  The great news is that our tile inserts deal with all types of floor waste – this means you can have the advantages of tile inserts managing waste in a range of locations and with a broad scope of materials.

How Do Tile Insert Grates Work?

Tile, Insert and Drain Pre Assembly

Tile insert drain grates work as an add-on to your existing drain.

Rather than featuring a square or circular perforated piece of material (whether it be plastic or metal), tile inserts grates are typically square in shape.

They attach directly onto your drain, channelling water via troughs on each side into a hole at the bottom feeding directly to the drain.

In the centre of the grate is a recessed section where your selected tile (or other material – read on for more!) is inserted.

Underneath the tile is the hole to drain extra water.

If you don’t have a tiled, or stone surface (like marble), this is not the right grating product for you and we would suggest going for a grate that can be customised to match your decor. Of course, we have dealt with a myriad of designer and industrial applications so feel free to call us if you are not sure what the best drainage product is for your situation, be it for looks or functionality.

Why You Should Buy Tile Insert Grates for Your Dwelling or Business?

Firstly, the LOOK! Tile insert grates give a polished and seamless finish to any shower or bathroom.
Additionally, their seamless design makes them comfortable to walk on.

Little touches make all the difference, so impress your guests, potential buyers or renters with this simple, inexpensive, but impressive finish to your bathroom or shower.

We sell our tile insert grates throughout Sydney and Australia. They are an inexpensive way to add aesthetic appeal and value to your bathroom or any other tiled wet area, as well as being a customisable and innovative drainage choice. Offering advantages over traditional waste systems beyond just looks, including such things as area coverage and ease of installation.

Where Can I Use Tile Inserts?

The various applications, beyond the shower and bathroom are found in commercial applications through to a range of domestic uses, including:

  • Kitchens,
  • Laundries,
  • Balcony and patio (wet deck areas),
  • Pools, spas, and outdoor showers…
  • Civil (like shopping centres)
  • Industrial
  • Anywhere a discreet and effective or decorative tile insert drainage solution is required!

To help identify the various applications, here are some of the various materials that can be used to create a seamless finish, the sort of tiles that can be used in our tile inserts even include such things as:

  • Ceramic
  • Copper
  • Natural Stone (marble for example)
  • Chrome
  • Crystal
  • Terracotta
  • Travertine
  • Glass
  • Tile mosaic
  • Luxtouch (of course – at over $1,000,000 sqm you would demand a seamless finish to your diamond floor;)

Even custom mosaic and designer ceramic floor tiles can be matched with a custom tile insert and drain.

Still providing a sleek finish to whatever your needs in managing waste without compromising run off abilities.

Tile Insert floor waste assembly

For grate solutions – which also look great;) check out our tile insert grates here.

Call our team of experts today for advice on how you can incorporate our fabulous tile insert grates into you bathroom etc. We would love to hear from you if you have some application or product you are considering implementing into a seamless drainage solution that we haven’t heard of or done before!

Tile Insert Drains Gallery

Floor Drainage

Floor Waste such as water, grey water, soapy water, rain, kitchen wet area waste can all be safely and efficiently managed with a tile insert drain. Often called a smart tile insert or tile insert floor drain, they can be any functional or decorative shape, though round ones are also able to be manufactured but the application is simply far more limiting due to the inherent issues around creating a round tile!  Typically though they can be a square tile insert (also known as point drains – see more on our page about these) :

Or long, matching the drain channel (also known as a linear drain – see examples of this on our linear shower grates page):

How Tile Insert Floor Waste Drains Assemble:

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