HEELGUARD Technology Drain Grates

Our ground-breaking grating system has been constructed especially for public areas that have pedestrian access. The drain is highly effective in quickly removing significant amounts of accumulated water, while filtering debris, such as leaves, so it stays on top. In this eco-conscious society that we live in, this drain grate system is ideal for any home or business.

HEELGUARD technology drain grates are constructed with your safety in mind. We’ve created our stainless steel drains in a grid form with a non-slip finish that is easy to walk across. The holes are also small enough that any worries about your child’s fingers being stuck in there, or something falling in, are unfounded. The grid form is also aesthetically pleasing, with a narrow profile specifically designed to blend into all types of flooring.

Our stainless steel grates are perfectly suited to public spaces, such as public plazas, railway stations, outdoor malls or streetscapes. They are slip resistant and can be walked across safely, even while wearing high heels, as they will not get caught. This unique design prevents possible falls and injuries, reducing the risk of lawsuits. Also, all our HEELGUARD gratings are designed to withstand high volumes of foot traffic and withstand the test of time.

We recommend our HEELGUARD grates for:

  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Bathroom, patio and veranda drainage
  • Industrial applications
  • Pallet trucks
  • And so much more!

All our drain grate system designs are customizable, and we offer three different width options: 50, 100 and 130mm, so we can adapt to your particular project and its needs. Discharge needs are also covered; we provide different options for multiple or singular outlet positions. Our flexible grate designs can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Drainage

We can deliver state-of-the-art solutions for excess water with our innovative designs. Our non-clogging drain-through grating is designed with high capacity water removal in mind. If you don’t have an appropriate drainage system in an outdoor area, it can have grave consequences, damaging landscape spaces, saturating soil, attracting insects, even eroding foundations and concrete.

HEELGUARD covers provide you with nonstop drainage, which is useful in all outdoor areas, but especially areas that receive a high amount of rainfall. The easy installation of HEELGUARD pit grates offers you the ability to be flexible in your designs, while maintaining the highest standards of quality control and durability.

Commercial Uses for HEELGUARD Grate Technology

An assortment of retail businesses benefit from using HEELGUARD draining systems. A great example is commercial kitchens, as they can handle a high volume of water and having an efficient drainage system makes a significant difference. It cuts down on the cleaning time while not sacrificing the safety of the chefs and wait staff.

Residential Uses for Heelguard Grate Technology

When creating or redesigning your bathroom, you can create a breath-taking design using our stainless steel drains. The result will be practical and safe, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our drains are also more versatile than traditional drains, simplifying construction costs and time.

Your bathroom is not the only place in your house that could use one of our grates. Your kitchen can also benefit from having one of these grates. You can install it in your countertop and use it for drying dishes, providing you with a practical as well as a beautiful and attractive accessory. If you have a pool, you can also take advantage of this technology, as it can be used to prevent overflow and ensure that the water is continuously filtered.

Installing HEELGUARD

The HEELGUARD drainage channel has been created with efficiency in mind. It’s simple to assemble and install, meaning basically everyone can do it. The one-of-a-kind patterned system is able to snap together, leaving you to be able to create whichever design suits your needs; you can quickly change direction and form linear lengths to suit your needs. Any design can be constructed, including channels, drains, gullies, grates, trenches or grills.

You don’t need to settle or have a drain grill that’s not efficient, just seek out our high-quality HEELGUARD storm drain solutions. Our products offer great durability, and they meet the strict standards, so you can rest assured that your needs will be satisfied. When you purchase our HEELGUARD system, you can be guaranteed to receive a high-level finish.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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