Sump Pits

What Is a Sump Pit?

A sump pit, also sometimes called a sump box, is basically a low basin in the ground that is used for water and fluid drainage. Alternatively some types of sump pits can be used for housing underground electrical, telecommunication, and other such services.

Sump pits feature a sump basin, sump frame and either a sump grate or solid sump pit cover.

sump pit

Sump Pits for Drainage

Sump pits collect undesirable liquids (e.g. water or chemicals). They can also be used as an infiltration basin.

We offer a range of sump pit covers, a variety of sizes and grades for both domestic and industrial applications. Applications include:

  • Groundwater management (e.g. for basements)
  • Grey water management
  • Storm water management

Industrial Sump Pits

Most industrial facilities and plants require sump pits, although their reasons may vary. Some facilities may require sump pits that are able to accommodate water, oil, and chemicals. Depending on the volume of liquids that flow through the sump pit, the size of the sump pit and the sump pit grate should also be sufficient to prevent accumulation and clogging.

Commonly, industrial sump pits are used for engine or industrial equipment washing, automotive and radiator shops, metal finishing operations, and chemical manufacturing. Sump pits and segregating waste is pivotal in keeping industrial pollution at bay.

Electrical Pits

Unlike pits for drainage, electrical pits (cable pits) have different needs. First and foremost, being water-tight.

We offer a range of basins and lids to suit your needs, be it domestic or commercial, fit for a variety of load classes.

Our electrical pits feature:

  • Strong electrical pit basin
  • OH&S friendly, durable, slip resistant stainless steel lids
  • Continuous linear surface ducting systems

Our electrical pits are used by electrical, communications and construction specialists in a number of different locations, such as:

  • Foot paths
  • Sporting venues
  • Driveways
  • Industrial facilities
  • Airports and transit centres
  • Landscaped areas.
  • Domestic environments.
  • Lighting pits.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Sump Pit

When choosing a sump or electrical pit, there are a number of factors to consider, namely:

What is the sump pit being used for?

Obviously, the requirements for a sump pit vastly differ depending on how it is being used. Is it being used for storm water drainage or grey water filtration? Or, is it a housing for electrical and communications access? Collect water, or keep it out? To begin with, this will determine the type of sump pit cover that you require.

Volume and dimensions

What is the sump pit housing? Or, how much water is it going to have to deal with?

Environment and conditions?

What environment is the sump pit in – indoor or outdoor? If outdoor, what are the conditions it will be exposed to, heavy rains, baking sun? Is the sump grate going to be exposed to chemicals?


Will the sump pit cover be walked or driven over? And, if so, how much? Load bearing and non-slip capacities will need to be considered.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Sump Pit Grates and Covers?

Stainless steel is the great all-rounder when it come to sump pit covers. Whether it is a solid covering or grate that you require, steel sump pit covers have a lot to offer for backyards and factories alike!

Unlike some other metal sump pit covers, stainless steel offers a durable and long lasting, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain medium. Stainless steel sump pit covers have great strength to weight ratio, while being aesthetically pleasing. This means our stainless steel sump pit covers can be used just about anywhere!

Finally, our sump covers are non-slip, making them the ideal solution for workplaces and public settings.

At Auswave Products, we have both extensive industry experience and use a full CAD drafting system, ensuring we can tailor a stainless steel sump or electrical pit cover to meet your criteria.
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