Bathroom Floor and Shower Strip Drains

Strip Drains –  For the Design Edge (Option)

Read anything these days about bathroom design, and you’ll probably hear the term “strip drain”. While the term may be new, the concept is not.

Strip drains are a form of trench or channel drainage. This form of drainage has long been associated with stormwater and outdoor settings, in recent decades, thanks to design advances, this style of drainage has made its way indoors, to the very centre of chic bathroom design!

Strip, or linear drains, as they are also known, feature a long drainage channel, covered by a drain cover. The main difference between this form of drainage, and more traditional, centrally placed “point drains”, is the shape and size of the catchment area. Point drains are often round or square, featuring an inlet of 100mm (diameter). Conversely, linear drains may have a width of 100mm, but their lengths often begin at 900mm.

This long narrow drain style has significant design implications. For example, as we alluded to earlier, strip drains present an “edge option”, meaning that, unlike point drains, they can span the length of a space, be it the far wall of a shower, the threshold between shower cubicle and bathroom, or the bathroom wall. 

Aside from complimenting your design aesthetic (for example, being discrete), there are functional benefits to strip drains too, namely, they can be placed in a way to facilitate the need for only a singular angle grading of the bathroom floor, and, can help create a threshold free shower (which can be an aesthetic feature, or requirement for accessibility).

Modern, New Showers or Stylish Bathroom Renovations

The type of drainage you require for your shower or bathroom floor is no small decision, and indeed, is one that needs to be made at the planning stage of your bathroom build or renovation.

With a range of grate styles available, strip drains can suit your bathroom taste. Modern, new showers are an obvious match for this contemporary style of drainage, but sleek vintage stylings can be similarly complimented, facilitated by a range of grate styles and finishes…. How about a gold plated wedgewire strip grate to pair with your vintage chequer-board tiles?

Auswave Products offers a range of shower grate styles and finishes. Read more here.

Bespoke Bathrooms

Perhaps your bathroom drainage needs are a little more “complicated”? Strip drains are an excellent choice for public amenities, dual/double showers, and the aforementioned threshold free shower.

With the ability to custom design and fabricate, contact Auswave Products to talk with our team of drainage experts!

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