Skate Deterrents

Anti Skate Devices

Sure, skateboarding was fun back as a teen, but now that our brains are fully developed, perhaps our attitudes to skate boarding, skateboards and their riders have changed.

Outside of designated skateparks, skateboards can prove a public nuisance. Aside from danger to their own and other people’s safety, skateboarders can cause damage to property and facilities with their thrill seeking antics.

What Can Be Done to Discourage Skateboarding? Skate deterrents!

Skate deterrents are a sleek solution for preventing expensive and unsightly damage to public fixtures. For example, inappropriate skateboard use can cause ugly scuff marks on masonry, and even degrade surfaces to the point of dangerous exposed edges.

Auswave Products’’ skate deterrents can be installed with planters, retaining walls, handrails, benches and other such street furniture. Fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel, our skateboard deterrents are an investment in your asset.

We supply a variety of styles, and with a specialty in custom fabrications, we can craft a solution tailored to your location and needs.

If you are looking to dissuade skateboards and other wheeled nuisances from damaging your street furniture, preventing costly repairs and liabilities, skate deterrents are the answer for you.

Associated Products

Bike Parking

One way to prevent cyclists from riding in areas where they may pose a safety issue or nuisance is to provide a designated parking area. Auswave’s stainless steel solutions provide a more attractive solution to other material choices, making them the ideal choice in locations where aesthetics are important.


If preventing larger vehicular access is your aim, bollards are your answer. Fabricated from sturdy and sleek stainless steel, even the most brutish of bullbar is no match for our bollards!

Wheely Good Solutions!

Whether it is skateboards, bicycles or motorised vehicles that you seek to keep clear of your space, Auswave Products has a solution for you. With stainless steel construction and capabilities of custom products we will deliver a product that meets both the needs and aesthetics of your location.

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