Trends in Landscape Design

Time for Something New Are you thinking of getting stuck into a new landscaping project? If so, winter is the perfect time to start, as the cooler temperatures and warm, sunny days make it easy to work outdoors. The health

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Demystifying Strip Drains

What is a Strip Drain? Are you in the market for the ideal drainage solution for your space? Let’s talk about strip drains: what they are, how they work, why they work well and how we can help you.  A

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Wet Room Design Fundamentals

Wet Rooms in Australia ‘Wet Rooms’ are trending in Australia in 2021 (Hone, 2021; Senyard, 2021). What exactly is a wet room and why is it suddenly popular? And, does it make sense to design one for your next project?

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Designing an Infinity Pool

Infinity Pools An Infinity Pool is a special kind of swimming pool designed to maximise your experience of a beautiful view. The edges of infinity pools are designed to make the water ‘disappear’ off the edge. When an Infinity Pool

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Bathroom Trends 2021 /2022

Reflecting Upon Bathroom Design We are almost at the hallway mark into 2021. This is a great time of the year to look over our shoulders and see how bathroom trends have been shaping up and predict how things might

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French Drains Vs Trench Drain

Demystifying the Differences Between Trench and French Drains Drains are more than just holes in the ground, and (though drainage elves would be nice) they don’t appear by magic. When you put time and care into landscaping outdoor areas, you

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