Strip Drains by Auswave Products

Here’s Why You Should Choose Auswave Products for Your Strip Drain Purchases Okay, so we said we weren’t going to give you a sale’s pitch, but here’s why our customers return… High Quality Auswave Products supply premium high-end products. Rather

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Strip Drain Floor Waste

Strip Drains –  For All Your Wet Area Projects! Are you looking for an efficient and elegant drainage solution? Well then, strip drains are the answer for you! Known by a raft of other names, including linear, trench and channel

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Balcony and Pool Area Projects

Strip Drainage for Outdoor Areas  There are many things to be considered in balcony and pool area projects, from construction to renovation, along with flooring surface, drainage is an essential factor! Without adequate drainage, balconies and pool decks, like any

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Bathroom Floor and Shower Strip Drains

Strip Drains –  For the Design Edge (Option) Read anything these days about bathroom design, and you’ll probably hear the term “strip drain”. While the term may be new, the concept is not. Strip drains are a form of trench

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Driveway Drain Projects

Considering Driveway Drainage? For a simple thoroughfare from road to house, driveways can prove a sizable investment. Even for an average house block, driveway price tags begin at a couple of thousand. If you are looking to ensure the longevity,

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