Flat Roof Drainage

Creating Functional and Fantastic Spaces! Flat roofs can be an architectural statement—bold and artistic, or elegantly minimal.They are a way to jazz up outdoor living areas, create verdant rooftop gardens, or can simply be a place to survey the world

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Outdoor Drainage – Residential and Civil

The Necessity of Outdoor Drainage Are you thinking about installing an outdoor drainage system on your property? An outdoor drainage system is useful if natural egress of water is being interrupted on your site. Buildings, pathways, roads, driveways, patios etc,

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Linear Tile Insert

Linear Drains by Auswave Products

What are Linear Drains? A linear drain, as the name suggests is a drain that is arranged or extended along a straight line. As far as appearance goes, linear drains, stretch out in a neat, continuous and orderly system. They

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Civil Drainage Guide

What Is Civil Drainage and Why Is It Important The word ‘Civil’ relates to or involves the general public, their activities, needs, or ways, or civic affairs of citizens, states and/or communities (Merriam-Webster, 2021). ‘ Drainage’ refers to the act,

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Pit Lids

Attractive Access Covers Below our feet, a network of subsurface facilities meanders, largely unnoticed. Cable connections, pipework, junctions and filtration, all hidden discretely by manhole covers, lids and grates. Pit lids (or access covers) are used for any subsurface material

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Drains Canberra

World Class Drainage Solutions for Our Capital City Our capital city is built on efficiency, cleanliness and sleek elegance. As Canberra plays host to foreign dignitaries, VIPs and journalists, it is important to show our best angles at all times,

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