Uncovering Access Covers

New Innovations in Access Covers Are you interested in hiding unsightly services? Perhaps you are considering an underground service pit, either out of necessity, or as a means of preserving floor space. With new options in access covers, underground service

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Sliding Door Threshold Drains

Seamless Solutions for Sliding Doors Ever wondered how you can make your sliding doors even more desirable? We know, it is a tough call! Those big glass panes already allow an abundance of natural light to stream in. If you

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Council Crossover Drains

Construction of Vehicle Crossovers and Driveways Driveways can be a funny thing, as a means for vehicles to enter your property, a driveway usually extends from the kerb to the edge of your carport or garage. The “crossover” is the

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Exploring Curved Channel Drains

A Solution to All Your Curved Drainage Needs At Auswave, we understand that drainage requirements are vast and varied. While most drainage needs are satisfied by regular channel drains, some can “throw a curve ball”. Just how can a nice

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Strip Drains by Auswave Products

Here’s Why You Should Choose Auswave Products for Your Strip Drain Purchases Okay, so we said we weren’t going to give you a sale’s pitch, but here’s why our customers return… High Quality Auswave Products supply premium high-end products. Rather

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Strip Drain Floor Waste

Strip Drains –  For All Your Wet Area Projects! Are you looking for an efficient and elegant drainage solution? Well then, strip drains are the answer for you! Known by a raft of other names, including linear, trench and channel

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