Water Features

Water Features

We manufacture large water features that our clients can use for a broad range of different projects. We construct our water feature grates out of the finest stainless steel for the highest quality results. By using this material, we can produce a product that is made to last. Stainless steel is non-corrosive, resistant and low maintenance. Our outdoor water feature grates are perfect for use by councils, cityscapes, parks, architects and much more.  See this water feature For example, we designed and manufactured grating around a water feature in Sydney called Blaxland Park which was designed by Phil Goodwin through Waterforms International (https://www.waterforms.com.au).

Types of Water Features

The types of water features that we design and construct include:

Water Fountains

We design water fountains that are functional, dramatic and elegant to view. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the product we’re producing is perfect for their project. Whether it’s water features indoor, at a park or anywhere else, our products are fit for all purposes.Our stainless steel water feature grates are fully customizable allowing you to have great versatility. For a water fountain that is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, long-lasting and able to provide you with a dramatic effect, our products are your number one choice.

Water Light Shows

If you’re looking to create a spectacular display for the public, we have you covered. Our artificial water features are always constructed to the highest possible standard to ensure customer satisfaction. We work alongside you to help you produce an amazing water light show that will stun all who see it.We are nothing but dedicated to building our water light show grates to be refined, safe and to the exact specifications of our client. Our products will never let you down. We help you to transform dull and boring spaces into an area that is stunning and visually attractive.

Interactive Water Fountains

We can create large water features that are professional, interactive, safe and pleasing. Wherever you want the location of your water fountain, we can design a product for you that will suit the situation entirely. We are experts in designing and manufacturing stainless steel grate and drainage products. With our experience and expertise, we can apply it to all of the jobs that we carry out. When you hire us, your vision will become a reality.

Sydney Water Park Gallery

Water Fountains and Pool Water Features

You can use water in so many unique ways such as water features for pools, landscaping, indoor areas and more. Our products are like no other; the quality is unbeatable. We work hard to ensure that what we produce is not only made to last but also aesthetically pleasing. Our water feature grates are a touch of luxury; Wherever they get installed, they blend perfectly into the setting. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, if you’re landscaping with water features, you won’t find long lasting quality as good as ours.

With public space water features, you will often find that people love to interact with them. When you combine our flawless water features mixed with the relaxing sound of water, it will make a peaceful and delightful feature in any location. Our water features have the potential to be used in any public space; they fit into their surrounding seamlessly. We consider the water features that we design and manufacture as a piece of art. Their marvelous aesthetics are an incredible addition to their already high quality and durable properties.

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If you’d like to find out any further information, whether it’s about city water features, water features for landscaping or another use, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re always happy to provide you with any further information on the products that we manufacture. With custom designs available, you won’t have to worry about the water feature being out of place or an eyesore. We guarantee that our water feature grates will blend into whatever environment that they’re put in.

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