Outdoor Drainage Grates

Outdoor Drain Grates 

Outdoor plumbing products must cater for some unique demands. While indoor grates must frequently drain relatively small amounts of water, outdoor drains can experience droughts and deluges. Add to this baking sun and frost, and potentially slippery surfaces that people walk across (rather than just stand on, like in a shower), and the need for good quality outdoor plumbing supplies becomes apparent.

Why Invest in Outdoor Drainage?

Water follows the path of least resistance, and unless you are building around nature, or provisioning for it with adequate outdoor plumbing, then you are set up for water woes. Sure, all things might be peachy while the sun is out, but a little, or a lot of rain, and its a different story.

Insufficient drainage in outdoor spaces can lead to damage to foundations and the landscape, saturate soil, provide a breeding ground for insects and, in the case of poorly drained balconies, create a hazardous, slippery surface.

Outdoor Drainage Gallery

Heelguard Grates for Outdoor Drainage

Why Choose Auswave Products for Outdoor Plumbing?

At Auswave Products we supply products for outdoor areas such as roof drains, threshold systems and balcony drainage. These products use PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGURAD ® grate technology, allowing for efficient water drainage, while at the same time providing a slip resistant surface that is safe to walk on in high heel shoes, bare feet, training shoes, you name it. Toe entrapment for the little ones is out of the question with our HEELGUARD grating, keeping outdoor areas safe for little feet with AUSWAVE grating systems.

Our stainless steel grates are strong, corrosion resistant, impact resistant and long lasting, ensuring they can withstand all that nature throws at them. Additionally, functionality does not come at the cost of aesthetics – our sleek stainless steel grates provide a polished finish to any outdoor space!

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