Slot Drains

Slot Drains = Invisible Drainage

A slot drain is a form of trench drain. Unlike other drains however, linear slot heelguard drains have a narrower opening whilst still maintaining the highest open area or `free area` percent of any grate on the market for water transfer.

The product derives its name from its appearance above ground, as merely a “slot”. From this visible inlet, surface water flows into the unseen linear channel beneath.

Do not be fooled into thinking that its narrow aperture inhibits its drainage capacity. To this end, slot drain systems can be used in areas that experience a heavy flow of water, storm water for example, road drainage, service station grates, driveway cross overs, car wash/bus facilities , for example.

Stainless Steel Slot Drain Advantages

There are a number of advantages to linear slot drainage channel systems (HEELGUARD).

  • Seamless aesthetic values for all adjacent surfaces, be them timber, concrete, tiled or paved.
  • Effective drainage solution
  • Heavy duty – can be used outdoors as well as indoors CLASS A thru CLASS D Aust standard
  • Easy to clean – no need to remove a grate. The unique V design of the primary drain surface will let near or on size debris (5mm or less) pass thru the grate (non clogging) eliminating the need to clear the intake surface.
  • Affordable and easy to install!

Where to Use Slot Drains

Some common applications of slot drains are found in public arenas, hospitals, universities, sports facilities, and commercial kitchens within the food and beverage general processing industry. Business like slaughterhouses, breweries, and dairies are frequently equipped with slot drains to ensure effective and hygienic liquid disposal.

Industrial applications such as docks or ports and car park facilities have ample drainage requirements. Stainless steel slot drainage channels are one of the most effective ways since they can endure heavy traffic under duress conditions.

Slot drains are also extensively used at animal facilities. Institutions like zoos and vets have to meet high requirements in terms of hygiene and maintenance. Slot trench drains are a common and convenient fixture to ensure easy cleaning and a healthy environment.

Landscaping and exterior design can benefit greatly from slot drains.
Furthermore, exterior slot drains are safe and can be used in playgrounds for children and petting zoos. And, of course they are functional; slot drains provide an effective drainage solution for recycling grey water on plants and lawns.

Slot drains are an incredibly versatile, modern drainage solution that can be used effectively in a plethora of locations!

The Grate Australian!

Auswave Products’ stainless steel slot drains offer an effective, heavy duty and aesthetically appealing drainage choice for a wide range of applications.

Looking for an Understated Drainage Solution? Whether you have a big or small project, slot drains could be the answer to your drainage needs.

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