Gas Assisted Access Covers

Uncovering Access Points. Effortlessly

Are you looking for a safe, secure, reliable way to cover access points but to also lift the covers without causing strain and injury to workers? Auswave’s Gas Assisted Access Covers provide the perfect solution.

Australian made from stainless steel to Australian standards, and with attention to detail, these high-quality covers are the ideal choice for any application. Our Gas Assisted Access Cover technology is designed to make accessing your pit space easier; allowing you to open and close the covers with minimal effort.

Safe and Simple to Use

Our products keep people safe, from maintenance crews and road workers to anyone needing access to a pit, shaft or tunnel space hidden by an access cover. Our Gas Assisted Covers are the best choice – designed to be effortlessly raised and lowered on demand.

Auswave’s Gas Assisted Covers have been created to make accessing your space easier than ever before. The gas-assisted technology makes it simple to open and close covers without heaving, straining and sweating over a cover that won’t budge. This improved accessibility means it is much simpler for the user to access their space without having to manually lever open the cover. Additionally, this makes the work environment much safer as there is no need for finger-squashing, back-straining, hands-on operation.

You can use our Gas-Assisted Access Covers for a wide variety of applications that will nestle neatly into any street surface and shopping centre flooring to covering ducting trenches and electrical service pits.

Stainless Steel for a Smooth Operator

The stainless-steel material used in Auswave’s Gas Assisted Access Covers ensures that they are built to last; strong, durable and will stand up against harsh weather conditions. We pay careful attention to detail during the manufacturing process, so our covers provide a secure, perfect fit around any access point.

AUSWAVE PRODUCTS’ Gas-Assisted Access Covers

Access Points of interest

  • Made from Grade 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Hot dipped galvanised carbon steel also available
  • Designed to suit standard pit sizes
  • Custom sizes are an easy option as well
  • Integrated to the adjacent floor finish
  • Chemical-resistant when made in stainless steel
  • Our covers are aligned to load CLASS ratings A through to C, CLASS D also available on request.
  • Our covers are gas tight as a standard option. Stopping pungent smells emitting into the environment.

AUSWAVE PRODUCT’S Gas Assisted Access Covers offer safe, secure inspection points for all kinds of applications from water to sewage, electrical and beyond.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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