Beautiful Sydney!

Sydney is a vibrant city, an eclectic mix of nature, heritage, entertainment, fine dining and beyond. As the home of some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks (most notably, of course, the Sydney Opera House) and beaches (Hello Bondi!), Sydney is the “jumping off point” for many a tourist.

Auswave Products – Stainless Steel Grates Supplier Sydney

Auswave Products’ is proud to call Sydney its “home base”. Our stainless steel grates have featured in many a local construction, working with both local, as well as national and international corporations, architects and builders to bring their visions to life.

How have Auswave Products’ Stainless Steel Grates Featured in Sydney Constructions?

Our stainless steel wedgewire grates have a diverse range of applications, from residential bathrooms to outdoor municipal spaces. Consequently, our grates can be found in many a Sydney home and dotted amongst its landscape, including in some well known locations.

Here is just sample of the ways that our stainless steel grates feature:

  • Outdoor drainage grates
  • Entry mats and frames
  • Water Feature grates
  • Threshold grates

Auswave Products’ Sydney Projects Portfolio

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