Plated Shower Grates

Plated Wedge Wire Shower Grates

The Perfect Polished Finish for Linear Shower Grates and Drains!

Superior performance plated wedge wire gratings make the ideal partners for showers, drains, and other bathroom fixtures, boasting stainless steel’s durability, longevity, value, easy-to-clean properties, with additional luxurious visual appeal.

Plated wedge wire gratings can be used wherever a drain cover is required. They are ideal for linear shower grates and drains in both industrial and residential application

Besides being a better long term option to plastic and fibreglass grating solutions, our plated wedge wire grates are unmatched in their visual impact and polish.

Customers love the sheen, colouring, and contemporary design of our plated wedge wire gratings.

Not just for bathrooms, let our plated wedge wire grates make their mark on your kitchen (excellent for kitchen bench drainage), deck, water feature, pool area, yacht, you name it. We will customise it!

What Makes the Best Shower Grate?

Quality materials are our hallmark. We only use the best for our plated grates to meet our buyer’s aesthetic wants and needs. Our stainless steel offers enduring visual impact with 316-grade stainless steel, corrosion resistant marine grade stainless. Both gold and chrome platings additionally have the durability to endure even the harshest industrial conditions.

We provide a premium product at a value price tags, an important factor in the construction industry. Furthermore, we offer a wealth of knowledge having worked with a broad range of clients in a diverse range of projects.

Flexible Grate Sizes to Meet Your Design Requirements!

Our products can be fitted and designed to various dimensions depending on the application of use.

Standard shower grates and drain products measure anywhere from 900mm to 1200mm in length and 25mm in depth. If changes are required over time, then our products can be adjusted by either 75mm or 100mm and likewise paired with an alternate form of wedge wire gratings made of gold and chrome.

Talk to our trained team of industry experts today for advice on your project or build!

Want the Most Elegant Drain Grate?

This is only available on demand due to the exclusive nature of the product so if you’re interested in the Gold, Silver, Brass, Platinum or any other finish, get plated shower grates. Please contact us today!

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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