Electrical Cable Ducts

Electrical and Communication Cable Ducts

Auswave Products’ electrical cable ducts offer a flexible solution for discrete subsurface cable installation.

Unlike many other products on the market, our electrical cable ducting is fabricated entirely from stainless steel, which provides a strong and durable product, that, compared to insitu and prefabricated glass and polymer varieties, is strong, durable and easier to install.

Auswave cable duct and access cover range is easily transported and installed.

Power and communication cable duct and cover provides a long lasting cable solution with easy access to cabling, secured from unauthorised access with security locking covers and options.

Electrical Cable Duct Specifications

Our stainless steel electrical ducting range is available in standard sizes, lengths and load class ratings, specifically:

  • Sizes: 100, 200 and 300mm
  • Sections: 1000mm and 2000 mm
  • Load rated: A to D class
  • Plus custom sizes/applications, we will make to your specifications i.e. Curved solutions

Additionally, our linear cable ducts are available in either solid-top non-slip or infill style, making them an attractive utility, whatever the setting.

Where Can You Use Our Electrical Cable Ducting?

Basically, anywhere that modular surface cable ducting is required! Our electrical cable duct provides an accessible and attractive housing for power cables, making it the ideal, durable long-term solution for electrical marine, civil projects, and beyond.

We also supply a full range of cable dividers and supports.

Here is just a fraction of the locations that our ducting can be used:

  • Convention/Exhibition centres
  • Entertainment venues
  • Sporting venues
  • Service stations
  • Bus and train stations
  • Industrial sites
  • Communications, electrical and air infrastructure
  • Wharves
  • Docks/Ports
  • Shopping centres
  • Transformer stations

Benefits of Our Stainless Steel Cable Ducts

Durable and Strong:

Our stainless steel cable ducts are both UV stable and corrosion resistant, ensuring a product that will not degrade in performance.

Flexible Options:

Our ducting is available in variety of sizes, lengths, load ratings and cover styles to suit a wide range of applications, including curved profiles. Additionally, it is modular in design, ensuring a diverse array of wiring configurations can be accommodated.

Secure and Accessible:

Our ducts feature a lockable lid for accessibility, safety and security.

Easy To Install:

Our linear cable channels are self supporting and do not require reinforcing with concrete.

Quality Product:

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia from high quality stainless steel, typically 304 and 316.

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Our electrical cable ducts can be used in isolation, or in conjunction with our sump pits and access covers. For further information on these products, follow the below links:

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