Powder Coating

Powder Coated Stainless Steel Grates

Powder coating stainless steel is another process we use here at Auswave to enhance our products for maximum durability and to make sure our stainless-steel products can be used for any application required. Powder coated stainless steel allows you to enjoy the durability and strength of our stainless-steel grates, with a colour finish to match your palette.

The Process of Powder Coating Stainless-Steel Grates

Stainless steel is a highly corrosion resistant material, while powder coating can add additional protection when applied in high salt environments, the most common use of powder coating stainless steel is to change surface colour or texture. To powder coat our grates and other stainless steel products, we apply dry, paint powder to the stainless-steel surface and then cure it to create a durable and attractive finished product. To get the best powder coated protective surface for our stainless steel, we use the latest technology and equipment to produce the best outcome. 

Pre-Treatment (Optional): Some stainless-steel surfaces need a pre-treatment process to enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance. Our common pre-treatment methods include chemical etching, phosphate conversion coatings, or sandblasting.

Powder Application: We use an electrostatic gun or a corona gun to apply the powder coating material evenly onto the prepared stainless-steel surface. The powder is charged with an electrical charge, which helps it adhere to the grounded metal surface.

Curing: After the powder is applied, the coated stainless steel is typically moved into an oven or curing chamber. The curing process involves heating the parts to a specific temperature (usually between 350°F to 450°F or 177°C to 232°C) for a specific period (typically 10-30 minutes). During curing, the powder melts, flows, and forms a continuous film on the stainless-steel surface.

Cooling: Once the curing process is complete, we allow the coated stainless-steel grates to cool down. This helps the powder coating material to harden and form a durable finish.

Quality Control: After cooling, each grate is inspected by us for defects, such as imperfections in the finish, uneven coating, or other issues. Any defects may be reworked.

Post-Curing (Optional): In some cases, a post-curing process may be used to further improve the durability and chemical resistance of the powder coating. This step involves subjecting the coated parts to higher temperatures for a longer time period.

Powder coating is a popular choice for finishing stainless steel because it provides a durable and attractive finish, is resistant to chipping and corrosion, and offers a wide range of colours and texture options. Powder Coated grates are more resistant to moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and reduces the chances of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading and other wear and tear issues. This makes it a great option for any job that may need a higher level of durability, is exposed to harsh external elements (including sunlight) or a specific colour is needed to make our grates ‘disappear’!

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