Threshold Drains

Threshold Drains: The Seamless Doorway Solution

Chances are, at least one time in your life you’ve tripped crossing a doorway threshold. Though you may put it down to personal clumsiness, you would certainly not be alone. Thanks to our threshold drainage solutions, a flush doorway drainage system that eliminates the need for a raised threshold, this need no longer be an issue.

How Do Threshold Drains Work?

Threshold drains, also referred to as a flush threshold drain or a zero threshold drain, generally consist of two key components. The first is the linear threshold drainage channel that is located on the outside of the threshold. The second is an integrated sub-sill that is located beneath the track of the door. Surface water (created by rain and/or maintenance for adjacent areas, like window washing for example) is fed directly into the sub surface collection tray (sub sill) via PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® grates. 

The goal of the sub-sill is to collect water (including condensation) from the water egress through the HEELGUARD THRESHOLD GRATE system on floor level. The sub-sill is able to collect water that is located on either side of the door. If condensation forms on the inside while the door is closed, then the water is still directed safely to the door threshold drainage channel without damaging the inside of your home. The simplicity of our doorway drain system lends to its versatility.

Benefits of Level Threshold Drains

The concept behind threshold drainage systems is extremely simple, which is what makes it such a powerful and efficient tool. Threshold drains allow for a flat and seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This provides benefits for safety, accessibility and beyond. The HEELGUARD grates are an excellent transfer medium from inside to out (or vice versa) for disability vehicles such as mobility scooters and wheel chairs…not to mention crutches, which traditionally would get caught in inferior grating hindering the operator in such areas in days gone by.


Firstly, zero threshold drainage systems eliminate threshold trip hazards
Secondly, rather than just preventing water from entering a building, door drainage channels actually allow it to drain away, thus reducing the risk of slipping on water as you enter or exit.


Door thresholds often pose a problem for people with disabilities, such as those who require a wheel chair, walker, or an elderly person who may be unstable on their feet. Our doorway grates negate such a problem, providing a level surface.
In a commercial setting, level threshold drains offer added benefits of smoother access for delivery services (or shopping trolleys, for that matter).

Custom Threshold Drain Solutions

While we do align some of our systems to standard door track profiles (such as those manufactured by leading door track extruders.), we acknowledge that there will be some outliers.

If your door fits into this category, no worries, we can custom design a threshold drainage solution for your door.

The door, the door dimensions, as well as the conditions that the drain will be dealing with (e.g. weather, volume of foot traffic), are all important considerations in threshold drain design and construction.

Door threshold drains can be built to be paired with sliding doors, bi-fold doors, French doors, single entry, hinged doors and even window tracks. Additionally, we can create curved threshold drains to match the line of more elaborate doors.

All of our threshold grates are fabricated in Australia from high quality 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, ensuring a long lasting, easily maintained and corrosion resistant solution.

Final Thoughts on Threshold Drains

The threshold drainage system is very efficient, but is not meant as a complete replacement for outdoor drainage systems on porches or patios (for more on this see balcony drainage). When used in conjunction with those drainage systems, level threshold drainage channels can provide a safe and reliable method of keeping water from crossing the threshold and entering your home or building.

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