Linear Grates

Linear Grates by Auswave Products

At Auswave Products, our linear bathroom shower grates are manufactured in Australian using 316 grade stainless steel. Not only do our products boast superior materials, but also superior design and construction.

Aside from offering a superior product, we also offer a range of sizes, styles and finishes.

Linear Grate Sizes

We provide a standard range consisting of:

  • 100mm wide x 900mm long x 25mm deep (ideal for renovators)
  • 100mm wide x 1200mm long x 25mm deep
  • 100mm wide x 1500mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 900mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 1200mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 1500mm long x 25mm deep

Linear Grate Styles and Finishes

Our stainless steel linear bathroom grates are available in bother wedgewire heelguard styles (typically podium finish) or pressed metal (see perforated stainless steel pattern grates). We offer a variety of other finishes including:

As a side note on our linear grates: please be assured that our bathroom grates will easily facilitate the flow of water from multiple shower heads (such as double showers, as is often found in specially designed bathrooms).

Custom Linear Bathroom Grates

At Auswave Products, we specialise in custom products. We can supply any length, width and shape of grate (including curved and faceted designs – popular in many modern bathrooms).

With decades of industry experience and acquired knowledge, full CAD drafting services, and on-site measurement, we can ensure that you get the perfect, hand crafted linear grate for your requirements and taste.

Why Choose Stainless Steel for Bathroom Accesories?

Bathroom Grates

In an increasing market for luxury, as well as industrial-flavoured, home accents, stainless steel has become a popular material for bathroom accessories. Unlike many other household accents which are merely decorative, there are particular demands on bathroom accessories of functionality and ease-of-use. Stainless steel is the ideal material in covering off on these considerations, offering a number of practical and functional benefits, while having the visual appeal that transforms them from “utility” to “feature”.

Linear Grate Finishes

Advantages of Stainless Steel Drainage for Bathrooms

It is with good reason that stainless steel has become a popular material for bathroom fixtures. When it comes to drainage in particular, stainless steel is a more durable material than aluminium, tile and copper, and more affordable than chrome.
Beyond offering greater durability and a lower price tag, stainless steel offers an attractive drainage solution.

Here’s why you should choose stainless steel linear grates for your bathroom:


Stainless steel is irrefutably durable! Not only can it withstand a reasonable amount of force and pressure, it is tough enough to endure the rigours of everyday use. This is just one of the reasons why stainless steel is ideal for shower and bathroom floor grates.

Invest in stainless steel grates for a product that will last the years of daily use!


Stainless steel is a non-corrosive material, making it ideal for the bathroom environment.
Stainless steel’s non-corrosive qualities make it impervious to rust. Additionally, its smooth finish helps to prevent the accumulation of hard water deposits and soap-scum. These factors contribute to making stainless steel linear bathroom grates last longer and continue to look more attractive.

Aesthetic quality

Stainless steel is undeniably attractive thanks to its sheen and reflectiveness. After something a bit different? There are now a number of other finishes available to satisfy a variety of design tastes.

Our linear bathroom shower grates provide an attractive finish with industrial design undertones and industrial style drainage capacities.

Why Choose Auswave Products for Linear Bathroom Grates?

While there are a number of stainless steel suppliers out there, few match the stringent quality standards that we deliver, and, are required for residential and industrial applications alike. At Auswave Products we supply a broad array of AUST and NZ-compliant Heelguard and associated grade-system products which are recognised and trusted world-wide.

Looking for Linear Bathroom Shower Grates?

If every man’s home is his castle, then surely a bathroom is his throne room – a place for quiet contemplation where all of the big decisions of life are made! Create a bathroom sanctuary with our stainless steel linear bathroom shower grates, the ideal functional and chic finish to any bathroom.

If you are in the market for high quality stainless steel linear bathroom grates, particularly custom, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

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