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Floor Vents and Registers

Ventilation is a vital element in buildings, be it a home, apartment or commercial space. In many cases this need for ventilation requires the use of air conditioning (HVAC) or heating systems. For ducted systems, air enters the room via air grilles or louvers, situated on the ceiling, wall or floor (or a combination of these locations, dependent upon the ventilation and temperature requirements of the room in question). When it comes to floor vents, thanks to Auswave Products, there is now a better option than pressed tin or rusty iron. We supply a range of Australian made floor ventilation grates that are functional, low maintenance, long lasting, and attractive!

Although often placed in the corner of a room, floor registers (see more below) nonetheless have to be strong enough for a person to safely walk upon, without damaging the grille. This makes metal ventilation grilles the ideal choice, foremost Auswave Products’ stainless steel vent covers!

Why Choose Auswave Products' Floor Vent Covers?

We are at the pinnacle of floor vent solutions!

  • Made in Australia, built to the Australian Design Standards.
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, as well as domestic.

Additionally, we offer decorative grill covers and custom sized floor registers.

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Floor Vents / Covers in Application

Register vs. Grille?

Floor vents go by a number of different names, commonly these include floor registers and floor return air vents. Although these terms are often used interchangeably (as we have here), in terms of functionality, they are very different things.

  • Registers are grilles or louvers featuring moving parts, meaning they can be opened, closed or used to direct air flow. Their size and placement is integral to an air conditioning system’s efficiency. Register dampers are an important safety feature allowing the moderation of the volume of hot and cold air into a room.
  • Grilles (or grills) are a perforated duct cover. Unlike a register, they do not usually include a damper. The size of the grille will effect the velocity of airflow into a room, and is, thus, an important consideration.
  • Return air grilles, do exactly that, they allow the “return” of air back into the heating or cooling system.

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