Civil Drainage

Civil Drainage Design and Manufacturing

At Auswave Products, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality civil drainage solutions to meet a variety of needs. We have been serving the architectural industry for over 20 years and are fully accustomed to recognising the needs of civil contractors, architects, and designers.

Civil Drainage

Our innovative grates offer maximum flexibility, allowing for full adaptation to suit a variety of civil applications. They can be used in walkways, flooring, platforms and decks, or on steel stairs with our custom fabricated balustrades. Our objective is to satisfy and exceed our clients’ requirements, which is why we place emphasis on quality control and rigorous testing to ensure consistent quality and performance.

No matter how you plan on using our civil drainage grates, whether for civil applications, commercial or industrial projects, you can rely on our durable, affordable and multi-functional products to meet the standards you require.

Produced to the Highest Standards

Our civil drainage grates are manufactured to meet the relevant Australian Standards and are produced in such a way that they can be adapted to suit a variety of applications. With slip resistant properties, these stainless steel grates offer safe installation and maximum pedestrian safety. They can easily be tailored to meet your project and layout specifications as required.

With material selection grades 304 and 316, we provide a range of solutions to meet your budget and industry needs. This is what sets us apart from our competition!

Our experience has allowed us to develop our knowledge and skills to a point where we manufacture products that not only meet the highest standards set by the civil and construction industry in Australia and New Zealand, but are also at the forefront of the industry for quality and reliability, innovative design, enhanced aesthetics and engineered excellence.

Our civil grating is devised to be durable, cost effective, and low maintenance, while also visually pleasing. Whether you are an architect, civil engineer or designer and are looking for a civil grate solution to fit your individual need, we can help. As one of Australia’s leaders in drainage grates, you can rely on us to provide quality at every stage.

Civil Drainage Construction Gallery

Suitable For Various Civil Projects

Though we specialize in drainage at Auswave Products, the applications for our high quality stainless steel grating go beyond drains, and can be used in or in conjunction with numerous aspects of civil construction, as we design, manufacture and construct stainless grate solutions including the following applications:

Surface drainage solutions are becoming increasingly important for civil engineers in civil construction, in addressing the various safety considerations, including occupational health and safety, when manufacturing facilities for the public, industrial and private sectors.

We take great pride in offering civil companies durable stainless steel drainage solutions for large and small areas alike. The slip resistance nature of our grating makes it ideal for flooring and walkway applications, particularly on for sloping surfaces. Thanks to their robust design, spanning abilities, and durability, our grates are fit for a multitude of purposes. From airports to industrial engineering, city roads, and gardens, there is no limit to their use.

Our aim is to design, manufacture and install suitable drainage systems that consider terrain, performance aspects, loading, and safety, as well as aesthetics. By creating drains that allow for many possible combinations, we can offer a variety of clients suitable drainage solutions for steel platforms.

No matter what project you are working on, we can be of assistance. Our experienced team can guide you through our selection of grates and discuss your individual project requirements to ensure you get the best products for your needs.

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If you would like more information on our civil drainage solutions, give us a call, and we would be more than happy to discuss the details with you. Our expert team has been manufacturing for the architectural industry for two decades, designing both for functionality and aesthetics.

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