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Unlike many of our products which feature optional stainless steel channels for carrying the grates, Stainless steel frames are another option to carry the grates and are used with access pits / sumps to accommodate paver heights for example.

Although they can be used in residential settings, our heavy duty stainless steel grates and frames are more commonly used in civil and industrial projects. Frames and grates include:

  • Trench grate and frame
  • Stormwater grates and frames
  • Inlet grates and frames
  • Catch basin grates and frames
  • Driveway crossover grate and frames

To serve these applications, our frame and grate assembly, meet a strict safety criteria:

  • Easy and affordable installation
  • Secure lock-down features to prevent movement and potential accidents.
  • Load bearing capacities suitable for pedestrian and required vehicular traffic.
  • The ability to withstand outdoor elements.
  • Designed in accordance with the relevant safety standards and requirements for access and mobility

Why Stainless Steel Grates and Frames?

While there are a variety of materials used for grate and frame construction, stainless steel is our chosen material for durability, resistant to corrosion and strength-to-weight ratio.

Unlike other material that can crack or rust, stainless steel frames and grate will last for years without ever showing signs of disintegration or wear.

Apart from durability, stainless steel grates and frames are easy to install and bolt down. Stainless steel is also the best option in terms of aesthetics, especially if the surrounding area is manicured and well-kept.

Grate and Frame Examples

Applications for Grates and Frames

Our grate frames can be used for a variety of projects, basically anywhere there is a trench or pit. Here is a sample of some of the applications of our grates and frames:

  • Roads
  • Easements
  • Driveways
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sump pit covers
  • Access covers
  • Tree surrounds in public places

Grates and frames are available in circular, square, rectangular, faceted and linear styles, as well as custom. Basically, they can be made to fit any pit and tailored to the requirements of strength and weight (load bearing), type of traffic (vehicles, pedestrians, animals), water volume, conditions (indoor, outdoor, exposed to salts or chemicals), aesthetics, and other specifications that you location demands.

Premium Grate Frames by Auswave Products

When choosing storm-water frames and grates, careful consideration should be given to safety, long-term value, and ease of use, especially in high-traffic areas. Our stainless steel grates and frames require minimal maintenance and are easy to install.

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