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Auswave Products is a Sydney-based company that has been providing top-quality drainage for the last decade. We have an elite client list from Newtown and the surrounding suburbs, including hotels, residences, and commercial buildings.

Our company is very passionate about providing products for the home and outdoors, commercial and civil spaces, that look beautiful and offer safety and functionality. We’re proud of our excellent reputation. So what has earned us the accolades from customers?

Our stainless steel architectural grating, primarily used for our designs, is made from heavy-duty 304 or 316-grade stainless steel and will last a lifetime. You’ll be inspired by our work in popular locales which include entry mats, platforms, street furniture, water features, walk bridges and more. Our clients know that we design solutions with optimal waste and build-up removal that are architecturally pleasing as well as efficient. 

Our bathroom drainage products are the best in the industry. If you’re an architect or a designer, check out Auswave Products for grates and grilles designed to fit all plumbing applications. We really do have state of the art solutions. 

Discover Auswave Products

We’re proud of our superior CLICK DRAIN® modular drainage system. It’s designed to create a seamless finish, empowering you to deliver flexible drainage systems, with ease.

Auswave Products specialise in stainless steel grating and drainage systems. Not only do we have the latest technology, but we also deliver high-quality products and provide professional advice on the design of any drainage or grating system to suit your needs.

Primarily based on heelguard wedgewire grating, all our drain grates for public areas, commercial uses and the home are modern-looking and designed to protect users from hazards. Our wedgewire grates are slip-resistant in nature and drainage channels to keep the surfaces safe and reduce puddles. They are suitable for:

  • residential drainage
  • civil and commercial drainage
  • landscaping drainage

Our products are a new innovation in the grating world – a premium line of high-quality yet economical items that can be used for innovative design solutions.

Why Work With Us

We’re an Australian business that delivers for Australian conditions, Why choose inferior products that are imported when you can work with us and get the best there is? You can rest assured that our products are designed for safety and will stand up to the demands of the safety standards set for the bicycling fraternity in Australia, pets, children and the public. 

We prepare our drainage and water removal products with top of the line drainage and water removal technology, our wedging grating helps prevent clogs by filtering debris.

Did you know our products are used in some of the most beautifully designed bathrooms? Architects choose us for contemporary bathroom grates on top end projects. Beyond wedgewire, our tile inserts give your shower a seamless finish that will complement any bathroom design.

Ready to Reach Out?

We offer a full range of custom solutions to meet your needs. We also make sure every installation process is simple and easy. We’re always here to consult with you about design, pricing, and options for installation.

Our team of friendly and experienced salespeople are ready to help with your project, including:

  • drain grates for public areas
  • entrance mats etc for commercial uses
  • grates for bathrooms and wet rooms
  • stair and floor grills
  • countertop installations 

Please contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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