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In 2005 Auswave Products launched, bringing breakthrough solutions to the drainage and grating market. Architects, landscapers, builders and civil engineers in Erskineville and across Sydney have since come to depend on us for quality linear drainage systems and heelguard wedgewire grating solutions.

A lot of our work is custom according to unique designs our customers trust us with. We’re design-savvy, and we work closely with our clients to design the best solution for every project. Many of our products are based on heelguard wedgware grating, such as drain grates for public areas, and stairs and floor grills in commercial spaces. Our portfolio of past work is evident in many prestigious locales across the city. 

Quality? When you’re working with solutions for public areas, we know you can’t cut corners. This is why we guarantee our stainless steel products are designed to Australian Standards. There’s no need to put up with poor quality imported products when you can work with the best from Auswave Products. Let us help you bring the vision for your project to life. 

Auswave Products: The Range of Products

We use stainless steel heelguard wedgware grating extensively. It has exceptional features that make it suitable for high-foot traffic areas and in situations were high capacity water removal is needed. 

Here’s what can offer in the following industries: 

Architecture – from entry mats to stairs and platforms, the clean, sleek look of stainless steel grates make them a popular choice. 

Civil drainage and civil project – our high-quality stainless steel grating can also be used in many aspects of civil construction, such as steel ramps and water features. We a

Landscaping –  channel grates, balcony grates, pool grating, tree grating, water features and more for outdoor precincts, parks or around public buildings. 

Chat to us about the solutions we offer for 

Why Choose Auswave Products? Here’s Why: 

We adhere to quality controls

  • Our products are manufactured in Australia.
  • No inferior quality imports in our range. 
  • We adhere to Australian and New Zealand load standards, Slip Resist Australian Standards and Bike Safe Standards. 

We are specialists in the drainage industry

  • We offer our clients access to an incredible design and manufacturing team.
  • Our team has 50 years of experience between them. 
  • Our CLICK DRAIN® grate and drain drainage system was designed and built for building and plumbing convenience.

We offer custom solutions

No project is the same. That’s what makes your design as an architect, engineer or landscaper unique and visually appealing. Share your design vision with us, and we will work closely with you to manufacture a bespoke product that meets your exact needs. 

More about our custom design service for stainless steel grates:

  • We differ from other suppliers because we offer flexible options based on different grate styles, lengths or dimensions.
  • We provide custom made stainless steel grates.
  • We use high-quality materials 
  • We have builders, designers, and engineers at our disposal to work on custom stainless steel drain grates for your exact application.

Custom grate solutions we can produce include custom curved grates to be used around pools and in landscaping drainage systems. Our custom stainless steel shower grates for bathrooms or showers will meet your specific dimensions or design preference.

Custom made floor grates are popular for industrial floors, walkways, decking, and balconies.  We also supply custom treads for bespoke staircase solutions in high quality stainless steel. 

Erskineville, Auswave Products Is Here to Help!

Looking for an obligation free quote? If you live in Erskineville or have a project based in this lovely suburb, we can help. Did you know our CLICK DRAIN® grate and drain drainage systems are green tag certified and resistant to chemicals? There’s so much more we’d love to share with you about our quality products and services. Got a design in mind? Upload it to our contact form, and we’ll get back to you. 

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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