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Auswave Products is your leading contact for the supply of premium linear drainage systems and grating in Darlington. We’ve been in the business for over 15 years, working closely with architects, landscapers and civil engineers to manufacture high-quality products based primarily on heelguard wedgewire grating. Our drainage solutions are designed and made in Australia to guarantee the best quality, design and efficiency.

You can see our architectural grating solutions across Darlington and the city, where their aesthetic appeal is displayed. Stainless steel grating originated in plumbing and drainage, but the designers we work with daily will tell you that the clean, sleek finish enhances their projects while ticking all the drainage needs. Applications of architectural grates include entry mats, floor grates, street furniture, walk bridges and more. Designed and manufactured by our 100% Australian owned and run team.

If you’re looking for grating solutions that won’t warp or wear, are slip resistant n nature and offer the full benefits of heelguard, Auswave Products can help.

Products: What We Offer

All our products are custom made, so you get the exact solution you need for your project. Here’s are some examples of what we offer to our Darlington customers.

Quality wedgewire heelguard stainless steel grates, slip resistant properties for safe installation and maximum pedestrian safety. We’ll tailor them to meet your layout specifications. Choose from grades 304 and 316.

This grating system is ideal for public areas. The drain efficiently removes water and filters debris to prevent clogging. With HEELGUARD technology, a slip resistant wires and a narrow profile, they are designed to blend into all types of flooring and handle high volumes of foot traffic.

Floor grating for commercial and industrial situations remove water and waste to prevent buildup up in areas with high traffic. Our stainless steel grates serve various functions and are safe, aesthetically pleasing, and durable.

While our products are primarily based on heelguard wedgewire grating, with other applications. Our product range is extensive and includes:

Exclusive: Auswave Products’ Modular Trench Grate and Drain

Our CLICK DRAIN ® system is a modular drainage system we have developed using stainless steel and seamless technology. It is:

  • high quality
  • sustainable
  • easy to install
  • uses ‘click’ together fittings
  • built for building and plumbing convenience
  • fits perfectly into any environment
  • built to Australian standards
  • offers maximum efficiency
  • made to last

CLICK DRAIN® provides more design freedom thanks to its array of modular components – lengths, angles, stop end and more – a creative, yet easy to install option, for even the most complicated of drainage layout.

Choose Us! Here’s Why

We’re Australian owned and run, so we understand the quality and safety requirements for Australian conditions and standards. All our work comes with a guarantee that our stainless steel grates are manufactured to the highest standards. Don’t be tempted to source inferior imported products. They don’t come with the same stamp of quality that you need and deserve.

Safety is a priority, particularly when working on designs for public spaces with high foot traffic. When you choose to work with us, you sign up for the high quality and safety standards we adhere to. We hold Australian Stainless Steel Association (ASSDA) accreditation and comply with Australian and New Zealand load standards, Slip Resist Australian Standards and Bike Safe Standards.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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