Stainless Steel Heelguard Floor Grating

What is Floor Grating?

Perhaps, the best way to describe floor grating is to start with what it is not. While floor grating is chosen for its properties of drainage, it is not a drainage product, as it does not include a catchment area. Floor grating is a different thing to a floor waste grates or grating systems which are both terms describing floor drainage products.

Floor grating, by our definition, is a grated surface that two or more people can walk on at once. Due to its properties of drainage, and that it can withstand large volumes of pedestrian traffic, floor grating lends itself to public areas.

Floor grating is essentially a flooring surface comprised of bar grating that allows the egress of water, making it the ideal material for platforms, mezzanine floors, entry mats, stairs, ramps, walkways and foot bridges, both indoor and outdoor.

There is “Floor Grating”, Then There is “STAINLESS STEEL Floor Grating”!

Floor grating (or sometimes, “grillage”, or “floor grid”) is available in a range of materials, including FRP and mild steel. These types of grating are generally “industrial” in their uses.

Conversely, stainless steel wedgewire floor grating is in a league of its own, possessing all the strength and durability to satisfy the applications for which traditional floor grating is used, however with a number of other benefits which broaden its appeal, essentially, reinventing the marketplace for floor grating.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Grating?

Floor grating is usually chosen because water passes through it (the aforementioned “properties of drainage”). This is among the fundamental reasons why architects and designers choose the stainless steel variety also.

Our stainless steel grating, a relatively new product to the market, goes beyond industrial applications to architectural also, beyond just utility to include aesthetics appeal.

Beyond functionality, the three core reasons that architects and designers choose stainless steel grating is:


Our stainless steel floor grating is heelguard, meaning its not going to allow the entrapment of fingers , toes, or shoe heels. Our stainless steel heeguard grating is chosen with public safety in mind.


Our stainless steel floor grating delivers an architectural product to the market, a grating solution fit for upmarket applications. This is one of the reasons stainless steel heelguard grating has become popular over other metals. For example, an entry mat at a high end department store – our heelguard stainless steel entry mats are a more desirable solution than, say, a DDL galvanized one.

Some people choose our product BECAUSE of its visual appeal. Our heelguard grating is aesthetically linear, which a lot of people like. Additionally, it is, from a design perspective, versatile – you can create shapes out of our grating. Other materials won’t let you do it – they are square and the holes are square, you can cut it and shape it but they are still square holes. Whereas ours are linear lines, you can make an array of geometric shapes out of it

An example of this is Penguin parade – the cladding of the building represented fish gills and are all triangular. the architects asked if we can make that same on the floor. The result – an entry map triangular in concept, made up of 500 triangles of wedgewire.


Another reason people choose our floor grating is its longevity, a property of the stainless steel iself, but also in our design and construction. Our product is long lasting and will looks better for longer. As a bonus, the cleaning is minimal.

Stainless Steel Heelguard Floor Grating, in Action

Our custom stainless steel floor grates have been used in a number of different projects and applications.

Without speaking on their behalf, our grates were chosen by the project architects for their ability for water to go through them, the heelguard aspect, and longevity. They’re looking for a product that ticks these boxes, and there is no other product on the market that carries so many ticks.

Custom Floor Grating by Auswave Products

At Auswave Products we provide bespoke grating solutions. Each one is custom made and designed to fit its environment. Our fixings, our binds, everything, is designed from the get go to work with the environment.

Our slip resistant grating is available in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, dependent upon you environment and application.

If you are interested in an architectural, aesthetically pleasing, heelguard floor grating solution, contact us to find out what is possible with our floor grating.

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Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)

Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)

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