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Shower Drainage Solutions Guide

Are you starting a home remodelling project and are baffled by the huge amount of decisions needed to plan your new bathroom? Or maybe you’re a seasoned architect or contractor, and you want an easy reference page that catalogues the options to show to your clients.

Whatever your needs, let Auswave’s shower drainage experts guide you! We have been in this industry for a long time (over 20 years!) and are considered to be the guys with the answers when it comes to drainage having produced some amazing work for architects, builders, and designers when it comes to drainage solutions. 

Whether you need something with a style that matches the existing space or a functional area for those with special needs, we have the drainage solutions.

Benefits of Custom Shower Drainage Systems

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A walk-in shower would provide a beautiful upscale look for your home remodel, but this stylistic choice will impact your drainage options. With a professionally-installed system, you can forgo the hob or raised edge in favour of the sleek, clean look of uniform tiling behind a clear, glass door. 

Subtle tiled or decorative grate drains work just as effectively in draining your shower, and can even enhance your stylistic vision. Our multitude of custom drain options can be effortlessly adapted to fit any project. 

That said, it’s worth exploring your drain options in advance of planning your entire bathroom or wet room project. The location of the existing plumbing and the beautiful large tiles you want throughout the room all have an impact on your drainage options. 

The planning and design phase is the best time to select your shower drain style so that you can be absolutely sure that it is compatible with the rest of the project. 

Here, we’ll delve into some of the various options, so that you can make this decision with all the relevant information at hand. 

Shower Drainage Options

Linear Drain Along Raised Shower Wall
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No more stepping over a hob or raised edge into a wet area when a linear drain seamlessly keeps the water out of your bathroom while quickly draining your shower area!

Want it invisible to maintain the pattern in that marble? Then a tile insert built to your needs is right here.

If this is the first time you encountered the terms “linear drain” or “tile insert” that’s okay, we’re here to help.

These terms refer to the shape (linear) or style (tile) of the drain in question. Both of these parameters have two possible options based on your style preferences and the functional needs of your space.

What is a Linear Shower Drain?

There are a variety of terms used for this long drain. Included are the following:

This drain shape is excellent because it conforms to the size of your shower or wet room. It also only requires one gradient to guide water out. They expertly handle the increased water flow of multiple showerheads.

Linear drains can also reduce service depth when it comes to installing drainage which can be a great opportunity for developers when building apartment blocks as the ability to add extra units without gaining height can come into play.

What is a Floor Waste Gully, and Do I Need One?

Linear drains are also handy as an additional drain outside of the shower or bath in case of overflow. A floor drain can run the length of the shower, bath or even the room. In Australia, they are often called a floor waste gully, and they link into the other drainage points, like the sink drain, so your floor drain can run the length of the bath or even the room. 

NOTE: Touching on regulations, it is worth noting in some states like QLD “Floor wastes are only required in Class 2 or 3 buildings or Class 4 parts, where the floor of a bathroom or laundry is located at any level above another sole-occupancy unit or public space” (QLD Government). 

More information about the typical construction and history can be found here on the trench drain Wikipedia page. 

Here are examples of a linear drainage system – we have included both a grate and tile insert so you can see the difference:

A linear drain with a shower grate.
A linear drain with a tile insert.

What is a Point Drain?

Mostly used in older construction, it is simply the drain you see in the middle of your shower floor. 

It is relatively small, and the funnelling gradient needed to guide wastewater towards the drain means that your tiling options are more limited in this case. Generally, 100mm by 100mm is the largest tile that can be used in an area with a point drain. 

Here’s an example of a point drain with a tile insert: 

tile insert point drain

And here is an example of a point drain with a shower grate:

Point Drain Shower Grate Custom design

Shower Drain – Standard Size Range:

Outside of all the custom variables that we cater for, visible on our bathroom drainage page, our standard range consists of:

  • 100mm wide x 900mm long x 25mm deep (Perfect choice for the renovator as they are a fairly standard dimension for existing showers)
  • 100mm wide x 1200mm long x 25mm deep
  • 100mm wide x 1500mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 900mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 1200mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 1500mm long x 25mm deep

What is a Tile Insert for Shower Drains?

This tile insert allows for a variety of tile choices to be inserted over the top of the drainage piece, creating a seamless finish to your wet area. Tiles also aren’t the only option for this drain style — you can even include rock or stone, such as a classic marble.

Linear Tile Insert
Linear Tile Insert
tile insert point drain
Tile Insert Point Drain

What are Shower Grate Drains?

Custom Shower Grates

Are just that – grates! We only deal in stainless steel for its enduring looks and low maintenance. These come in a range of styles, some of which can be seen here:

Linear shower grates can also be customised in some particular ways, such as with multi-coloured LED strip lights (waterproof of course). This option can be a particularly useful option for grates lining driveways and other outdoor spaces.

For more on this check out our grate lights page for linear shower grate lights here.

Where to Get the Best Shower Drains in Australia?

Auswave supply the largest range and style of drainage designed and built to last, made right here in Australia using 312 and 316-grade stainless steel – custom is our specialty and we have the experience and showcase to prove it!

Our shower drainage solutions are 100% Australian designed and manufactured, far exceeding the quality of imports. And, because we sell custom shower solutions for any application, any length, width or shape, as each one is handcrafted to suit your custom drain and grate requirements. 

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions!

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