Surface Water Drainage

Products for drainage are vast and varied. This is not at all surprising given the many application for which drainage is required. However, this being said, from a simply laundry floor trap grate to large cement storm water outlets, regardless of the material, drainage needs fall into one of two categories: surface drainage and subsurface drainage.

Surface water drainage is fairly self explanatory – it is the removal of excess water from the surface of the land, generally achieved through the use of “open drains” ditches or trenches that channel water into deeper or larger collector drains. For effective surface water drainage, grading of the surrounding floor or land is required, the usual rule of thumb being 1 in 6 – 6mm fall for every 1m.

At Auswave Products we supply a number of stainless steel surface water drainage products. From point drains to linear drains (also referred to as channel or trench drainage systems, as well as other propriety names), we have all your surface drainage needs covered!

Stainless Steel Drains

Drainage products are available in a range of materials including plastic, cement, FRP, polymer concrete, concrete, galvanised steel and more. At Auswave Products we deal exclusively in stainless steel.

One of the many benefits of well designed and constructed stainless steel drains (channels, pits, covers and grates), is that they can be used across a range of applications – attractive enough for a luxurious bathroom floor waste, strong enough for commercial and industrial applications also.

Indoor Drainage

There are a number of indoor drainage needs that benefit from stainless steel drainage products, the obvious being bathroom and shower floor wastes. Additionally stainless steel grates can be employed in laundries, kitchens and so forth.

Thanks to the durability of our stainless steel drain grates, they are not strictly for domestic purposes, but suitable also for commercial (in a hotel or commercial kitchen) and public facilities (such as public amenities) as well as industrial facilities. You say “floor waste”, we say “stainless steel!”

Outdoor Drainage

Outdoor drainage is an area that has traditionally been saturated with cement, polymer concrete and FRP. Stainless steel drainage products not only provide the necessary durability for outdoor drainage applications, but bring an added aesthetic element, as well as a lighter (in many cases) product that will not crack (as other indeed can and do).

Our stainless steel drainage grates can be installed on decks, around pools or water features, in gardens, driveways, paths, or flat roofs. Furthermore our Heelguard or even slip resistant grating is the ideal solution in area for public use, facilitating safe surfaces

Stainless Steel Drainage Solutions By Auswave Products

At Auswave Products we supply both stock lines of products as well as custom fabrication capabilities.

Our stock line includes our innovative modular drainage system CLICK DRAIN ® which allows for easy to assemble and flexible drainage configurations, comprising of a range of channel lengths, angles, pits and stop end.

Should your drainage needs require a more creative solution, then custom drainage solutions are the answer or you, With high quality materials and a team of dedicated builders, designers, and engineers at our disposal, we can turn your drainage dreams into a reality!

Need an Attractive and Durable Surface Water Drainage Solution?

Whether your drainage needs are domestic, commercial or industrial, we have you covered from driveway, to the backyard and everything in between. Contact our helpful team to discus your drainage needs!

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