Upgrading Your Deck? Don’t Forget the Balcony Drainage!

BBQ’s, Balconies and Balcony Drainage

With the summer holiday season fast approaching, it is only natural that our minds wistfully turn to thoughts of BBQ’s and all manner of alfresco eating. While glossy magazine covers are all “gently warming sunshine” and “cooling sea breezes”, the reality of the summer BBQ is often sweltering heat, sunburn or storms. A well designed and constructed outdoor space can help protect your summer shindigs, and yourself, from the elements.

While a roof over your head is an obvious shied against adverse weather, balcony drainage is also a necessary feature … after all, a flooded outdoor space can put a real “dampener”, on your festivities.

Why You Need Balcony or Decking Drainage

Whether your outdoor space is a balcony, deck, patio or courtyard, it is likely that it would benefit from some form of drainage, and in some instances, drainage may be absolutely essential.

Aside from getting wet feet and having to deal with potentially slippery surfaces, improperly drained outdoor spaces can, with the right amount of rain, result in flooded indoor spaces. Perpetually wet surfaces may result in mildew growth or damage to the flooring surface itself. Furthermore, sitting water can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes… as if the flies weren’t unwelcome visitor enough!

The need for balcony, deck, courtyard or patio drainage fundamentally comes down to the space and the environment it is in. With a space adjoining a house, ideally the external flooring slopes away from it, thus water may flow into surrounding garden beds.

However, in many an instance this may not be possible or efficient, such as is the case in areas with a high amount of clay in the soil (whereby water does not easily absorb), where there is high rainfall (and water cannot get away fast enough), or perhaps in spaces where there is no surrounding garden bed, such as a raised balcony on an apartment or an internal courtyard.

How to Effectively Drain a Balcony?

If you require balcony drainage, then there are two fundamental types available to you- point and linear.

Point drains are generally placed centrally within a space, with the surrounding ground sloping from all sides to gently funnel water in. This may be the preferred type of drainage for small interior courtyard drainage, for example.

Linear (AKA trench) drainage features a drainage channel that collects water along its length, with a singular outlet (or multiples, depending upon the length of the drain and its requirements). Depending upon its placement, a channel grate may require only a singular slope of the surrounding flooring, for example, if it is installed along the edge of an apartment balcony.

Whatever your chosen type of deck drain, to generalise, the balcony slope for drainage is a 6mm drop for every metre.

Given that there are a number of variables to be considered, and balconies, patios, decks and courtyards, range from Juliet balconies to a relative colosseum, we recommend that you consult with a hydrologist to assess your needs.

Stainless Steel Balcony Drainage Systems by Auswave Products

At Auswave Products we supply stainless steel balcony drainage systems. Made in Australia, according to our stringent design and manufacturing standards, our outdoor water drainage systems are durable enough to withstand the toughest of Australian conditions, yet attractive, making them the ideal choice for executive homes and other locations that demand a high visual appeal.

Thanks to their durability and strength, our drainage grates are not just a product for residential applications, but also in high volume commercial applications, such as outdoor dining precincts.

Keen to learn more? Contact our helpful team to discuss your balcony drainage needs!

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