Important Considerations When Choosing an Access Cover

Important Considerations When Choosing an Access Cover.

Depending upon the size and nature of their application, requirements for an access cover can vary wildly. We have compiled a list of things to consider if you are looking to install an access cover to ensure that you get the right product for your needs.

Access Cover Size

Probably the most obvious of considerations. When talking about an access covers’ size, generally we refer to the internal size of the frame or the minimum size needed for adequate access, after all, what is the point of an access cover that is too small to give you access?

Singular or Multiple Access Points

Sometimes there is the need for very large underground service points. If this is the case, a singular access cover may be unsuitable (too big, heavy, awkward etc) whereas a multipart access cover eliminates these issues.

Access Cover Environment

As well as providing concealment to ugly services or drainage points, access covers are often employed for public or workplace safety. To this end, it is essential to consider the environment that the access cover is being used in. Is the access cover being used in an area frequented by heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic? If so it is imperative that you get the access cover with the correct load rating for your needs.

In terms of safety, are their any other environmental consideration? Do services need to be be kept free from water or dust? Do they need to prevent the elimination of fumes. Alternatively, do they require ventilation? All these questions, plus the all important “How do you want your access cover to look?”, will need to be factored in your choice of access cover styles, for example a solid top access cover or a paver infill access cover.

Access Cover Accessibility

Access pits frequently house contents to which restricted access by “authorised personnel only” is required. Whether for safety or security reasons, this too needs to be factored in your choice of access cover.

Get the Right Product for Your Needs With Custom Stainless Steel Access Covers!

At Auswave Products we supply a range of access cover styles and sizes to fit a variety of needs – see Access Covers. However, if you have out-of-the-box needs, or simply do not know what you need, we can work with you to create the perfect custom stainless steel access cover solution for your needs.

With a wealth of industry experience and full custom design and fabrication capabilities, we can provide the perfect size, environment, load requirement, cover style and accessibility for your services points, whether drainage, electrical or telecommunications.

Contact us today to find out how our custom stainless steel access covers and pits can fulfill your needs!

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