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Looking for an Entrance Floor Mat that is More than Just a Dust Collector?

Introducing Auswave Products’ stainless steel entry mats, the architectural choice!

Entry Mats serve an important function. Research suggests that 70% of the dust, dirt and moisture that makes its way into a building comes via foot and wheeled traffic. An effective commercial door matting system can help prevent this, thus reducing cleaning and maintenance costs for flooring and beyond!

Traditionally, commercial entry mats are made out of rubber backed industrial carpeting, sometimes in-laid with aluminium. While this is a highly functional product, it does not do much for aesthetics. These varieties of door mat are designed to trap and store moisture and debris, often resulting in the tell-tale signs of someones’ muddy feet almost immortalised until some brave soul combats it with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

We are here to introduce an alternative – stainless steel entry mats.

A close cousin of the stainless steel “drainage grates”, stainless steel entry mats are constructed of a grate and frame. These heelguard grates feature sufficient an aperture to capture fine dirt, dust and moisture into the underlying reservoir, yet too small to prevent heels from becoming wedged.

Here’s Why you Should Choose Stainless Steel Custom Door Mats for your Melbourne Construction

Stainless steel entry mats hold a number of advantages over other styles of entry mats:

Easy Clean

Rather that mud becoming crusted to the surface of a mat and possibly requiring a vacuum or more intensive cleaning, depending on its viscosity, mud either seeps away or can be easily washed or mopped away from a stainless steel entry mat.

Additionally, water, rather than soaking in to a rubber backed mat from which it has no chance of escape (and therefore, has the potential of the dreaded “wet dog smell”), simply drains away.

Stainless steel entrance mats also can accommodate dust and other debris sufficiently. Small dust and debris falls away, while large debris (which can cause a drainage clog) remains on the surface of the grill, from which it can be easily picked up or swept away.


Don’t think that stainless steel entry mats mean slippery. As well as effectively draining away water, our custom door mats are available in a slip resistant finish (read more on slip resistant grating here.).

If trips are your concern, then stainless steel door mats are the ideal choice. As a variety of recessed entry mat, our mats are installed flush with flooring, thus eliminating any raised trip hazard. Obviously, this also holds advantages for accessibility also (wheelchairs etc).

Aesthetic Appeal

Stainless steel entry mats are the clear winner when it comes to visual appeal. Stainless steel heelguard grates are, of themselves attractive – sleek, shiny and clean. Additionally, if you are a fan of branded entry mats, then we can accommodate this also – our custom door mats are available colouredplated and even laser printed.

Make a Grand Entrance!

If you are looking for an attractive entry mat solution for your Melbourne construction than you cannot overlook Auswave Products’ custom stainless steel entry mats.

First impressions really do count and if you want something that makes more of a statement than just “dust collector”, but actually an “attractive feature”, then stainless steel architectural mats are the choice for your entrance.

Click here to contact our helpful and experienced team to find out how we can help you with custom door mats in Melbourne.

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