Why You Should Choose Quality Shower Grates.

Make an Investment in Quality Shower Grates

It has been suggested that two rooms in particular sell a house – kitchens and bathrooms. While there are certainly other factors that weigh in the mind of potential buyers, housing experts suggest that renovations in these two spaces deliver maximum “bang-for-buck”, reflected in sellers’ return on investment

When it comes to bathrooms, there is an increasing demand from discerning buyers and tenants for modern and clean fixtures and fittings.

While price is often the focal point for many a renovator, sadly, this often comes at the expense of quality. If your are renovating for your own use, as a rental property, or commercial property, then it pays not only to select bathroom fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and long lasting. While this may not be the cheapest option upfront, by choosing quality fixtures you are ensuring that your bathroom looks better for longer, does not require unnecessary replacement of fixtures, and doesn’t render the need for another effort-full renovation any sooner than style dictates!

With so many different elements to a bathroom, we are here today to talk about an often overlooked bathroom feature, the drainage grate.

A Grate Is a Grate, Right?

Wrong! Anyone who has had the displeasure of a dodgy grate will know this to be true. Perhaps you have experienced one of those not-quite-a-grate difficult-to-clean plastic drain covers. Or, one of those nasty little wobbly numbers that must be avoided at all cost in fear of losing one of your feet into the drainage abyss! Never mind some of those other visual drainage abominations…

With such a variety of options to consider in the drainage department, it can be a tough gig in selecting the right one.

What Are the Different Types of Shower Grate?

Fundamentally, there are two types, although they may go by many a name – point drains and linear drains.

Point Drains

Point drains are the more traditional form of drainage. This type of drain generally features a circular (though they can be other shapes) drain cover covering the drainage outlet. Point drains are usually constructed of metal or plastic.

Linear Drains

Linear drains, also called channel or strip drains, are increasing in popularity for aesthetic and functional reasons. Unlike point drains, this style of drain collects water along the length of the grill, rather than simply at the location of the drainage outlet. For construction purposes, this type of drain is also advantageous as it requires less “drop” than a point drain. In many a case linear drains, which are mostly fabricated from metals, are simply the drain of choice for their stylish and modern look.

Auswave Products for Quality Shower Grates

At Auswave Products we produce a range of stainless steel shower drains, linear drains, as well as point drains, with a range of covering options, namely wedgewire grates, tile insert drains and perforated grates. Check out our Shower Grates page to find out more.

As we mentioned earlier, not all grates are created equally, whether it be from material selection / grade, design or construction. At Auswave Products, we are committed to providing a better product, and to this end, our product is proudly manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. We deliver a higher quality product than imports which are known for their poorer quality build and source material. Our product last longer, being more durable by design and construction. Furthermore, we specialise in custom fabrications, so if you have any out of the box requirements, do not hesitate to contact our helpful team.

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