The Importance of Outdoor Drainage for Home Owners

Outdoor Grates = Less Headaches

Who doesn’t love a good water feature, right? What’s not to love? The gentle trickling or splashing sound of water… The way the water dances with a gust of wind or catches the glistening morning light.

So what kind of water feature don’t we love? Well, the impromptu variety caused by a badly designed retaining walls, outdoor staircases or steep, house-facing driveways in torrential rain! As mesmerising as it is to watch sheer volumes of water elegantly take the path of least resistance, without proper drainage solutions these unplanned watercourses can have some annoying at best, costly at worst, outcomes.

Why You Need Outdoor Drains

When it comes to drainage, outdoor areas are a space that is frequently overlooked. For many home owners they have to learn the hard way the importance of outdoor drainage solutions come the first large downpour of their residency.

Do not wait for those inevitable rains, plan now for your peace of mind by investing in an adequate outdoor drainage solution.

Where Do You Need Outdoor Drainage Channels?

Really, where ever water is likely to collect; you are seeking to prevent boggy spots in your yard, slippery decks and pathways that are prone to moss growth, flooding, and pooling of water around your foundations that can have some expensive ramifications.

Here are some obvious examples:

  • Underneath down pipes
  • At the base of driveways, pathways or stairs that would otherwise channel water directly into your house
  • Behind and below retaining walls to prevent both pooling at the bottom, as well as excessive water build-up behind that may reduce the wall’s structural integrity.
  • At depressions in your yard
  • Around/along patios and decks
  • Around pools

How Can We Help You?

At Auswave Products we supply a range of channel grates and frames, as well as stormwater pits, for all your outdoor drainage needs.

Our strong, stainless steel outdoor drain products provide the ideal durable solution for all that outdoor conditions can throw at them! Furthermore, they are both easy to install, easy to clean, and are even attractive (unlike many of the outdoor drainage products on the markets).

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