Why It Pays to Invest in a Quality Driveway Drainage System

Driveways Vs. Water

Building a driveway can be an expensive exercise! While for many this may be a reluctant outlay, for others a worthy investment in making the right first impression of their property. In the process of driveway construction, many property owners often overlook the necessity of a driveway drainage solution. This simple oversight can put their new driveway under threat of future unforeseen expenses.

Contrary to their reinforced and impervious appearances, driveways and water are not actually best mates. In the case of concrete driveways, water flowing along the concrete gradually wears away at the surface. Long term this can create pot holes and fissures. Water is a similar adversary to asphalt driveways, almost straight away water wears down the surface, beginning to wash away the sand base and gravel, causing the top layer to become cracked or distorted.

Redirecting water is one way in which you can protect the integrity and lifespan of your driveway. However, this is really only the beginning of the list as to why it pays to invest in a quality driveway drainage system.

Other Reasons Why You Need a Driveway Drainage Solution

1. Protect your property’s foundations

In the same way that water and driveways aren’t best buds, the same can be said of house foundations, and this kind of damage can be much more costly.

Dependent upon the gradient of your driveway, while providing easy egress for your vehicle into your garage, so too can it provide a leisurely channel for water towards your house or building.

Without redirection from a well considered driveway drainage system, water can collect around your house’s foundations. With enough water and frequency of water pooling around your foundations, the result can be non-structural water damage (for example water seepage through small cracks in a foundation), or (gasp!) structural water damage (not our area of expertise, so we will let you Google the horror stories in your own time. Bottom line = BAD NEWS!)

2. Flooding

Just as an elegantly sloped driveway without proper drainage can channel water to your foundations, so too can it channel water directly into your garage and house. All in all, a well consider driveway drain can prevent a whole lot of expenses and headaches after a particularly nasty downpour.

3. Dangerous slippery surfaces

The effects of pooled water can be amplified if you have a shaded driveway. The combination of water that cannot drain away properly, nor be dried by the sun, creates the perfect environment for mildew, making a simple walk to the letterbox an exercise fraught with slippery peril. When it comes to commercial driveways this can become a particular concern as a public safety issue.

With proper driveway drainage the risk of slippery mildew growth can be reduced. So too the need for arduous cleaning with chlorine or a high pressure hose… Sunday afternoons are far too precious to be filled with such activities!

But, It Is Not Always True That Something Is Better Than Nothing…

While even the most basic of driveway grate may be able to address some of these concerns. In some cases they may not address all of them, for example, they may not be sufficient for the volume of water in relation to your rainfall or driveway gradient. Additionally, incorrectly placed, they are as good as useless.

Other grates may bring problems of their own. For example, they may be constructed of a material that will not last as long as your driveway itself, cracking, breaking or slipping, thus creating their own dangers.

This is why it is important to choose the right grate for your needs.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Driveway Drainage System

First and foremost, choose a product that is fit-for-purpose. Throwing any old grate in your driveway without doing your homework is asking for problems.

As we touched on above, water volume, driveway gradient, and direction of waterflow are key considerations.

Other things to factor are climactic ones – sun exposure, frost exposure, and so forth.

If you are installing a driveway in a commercial, public, or otherwise high-traffic environment, then safety, durability, and of course, load bearing become crucial considerations.

Why Choose Auswave Products’ Driveway Grates

At Auswave Products, we manufacture in Australia, to Australian Standards and conditions. Our wedgewire linear driveway grates and sump pits are fabricated from stainless steel (304 or 316, marine grade), according to our stringent design and construction standards. This means our customers enjoy the benefits of both the qualities of stainless steel and superior construction (thus negating the risks presented by the inferior designs and construction methodologies of cheap overseas imports.). Furthermore, our Heelguard wedgewire grates supply the added peace of mind of preventing heels from becoming stuck, making it the ideal choice for places with public access or even the home driveways preventing a nasty high heel break (just what you want before or after a big day at work).

We can help you with driveway grates for residential (houses, units and apartment complexes), commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities. Aside from being a highly functional and durable products. Our driveway grates bring the additional benefit of being attractive, to the point of becoming a feature. This means our driveway grates are certainly not out of place in, but rather the choice of architects and builders for prestige projects.

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