Stainless Steel Grates for Luxury Hotels

Five Star Grates for Five Star Accommodation

Stainless steel grates are an obvious choice when it comes to showers and pool decks. However, it may surprise you to learn of the many ways that stainless steel grates can be utilised, for function and feature, in boutique hotels, from the driveway to the penthouse!

Yes, at their core, stainless steel grates are a drainage product. But don’t let this simple fact blind you to the aesthetic and versatile features that stainless steel has to offer the hotelier!

Make a Grand Entrance with Stainless Steel Grates

It could be said that you have two opportunities to make a first impression – your driveway and lobby!


Unless your facilities are only accessible by boat or sea plane (such as a romantic island retreat), your patrons will not be expecting to wade to the front door. Eliminate this possibility through the use of sufficient and well planned driveway grates.

Our heelguard driveway grates offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to driveway drainage. Suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, our driveway grates are not out-of place in even the most prestigious of establishment.

Our driveway grates are also suitable for car parks, including basement parking, a place where good  drainage is often vital!


Dirty carpet entry mats are the most unwelcoming of door attendant! Why not exchange the ol’ dust collector for their stainless steel cousins – stainless steel grate entry mats. Our recessed heelguard entry mats make the perfect doorway solution to whisk away water and dust with an aesthetic edge. Furthermore they are safe for heels as well as wheels, ensuring easy access for wheelchairs, prams, and, of course, suitcases and luggage trolleys.


Stainless steel grates can be used for aesthetic purposes in a hotel lobby such a drainage grates for a water feature or even as a core material for artistic installations.

Stainless Steel Grates in Food and Beverage Services

Floor Grates for Commercial Kitchens

Stainless steel grates offer a practical solution for many requirements in food and beverage service. In the kitchen or dish washing area, stainless steel heelguard floor grates can be used to create a well drained flooring service, thus reducing the risk of slips in the kitchen. They are also available in a slip resistant finish for added piece of mind!

Stainless steel floor grates are also an asset to a commercial kitchens in that they are also easy to clean, and thus, hygienic.

Drip Tray ad Grates for Bars.

Stainless steel bar drip tray and grates are the ideal durable and attractive solution for custom bar fit outs. Looking for something “top shelf” – what about our gold plated drip tray and grates for a touch of opulence – somebody please bring out the Dom Perignon!

Going Up! Next level – Accommodation

Bathroom and Shower Grates

Linear bathroom shower grates are not only attractive, a highly functional drainage product, they also require less drop than more traditional point drainage.

Our linear grates are available in a range of sizes, grate styles (wedgewireperforated pattern and tile insert), grate finishes (colouredprinted and plated), and custom fabrications are also available. All this means that our shower and bathroom grates can be customised to suit your bathroom vision.

Threshold Grates

Threshold grates are a linear grate that is place at a door, such as to a balcony. These grates allow for a level threshold when paired with a suitable door option such as varieties of French or sliding doors. Threshold grates allow for both an unobtrusive door frame, and also are visually unobtrusive, particularly when paired tile insert style grates.

Roof Grates

Our linear grates are also suitable for roof tops, be it a rooftop garden, horizon pool, or penthouse suite. Our durable Australian made roof grates are corrosion, temperature an highly impact resistant making them the functional choice for harsh outdoor environment, sun, heat rain, hail and cold.

A Note on Curved Grates

Are curved lines a feature of your hotel architecture? No worries! Introducing curved linear grates!

Why Choose Auswave Products’ Stainless Steel Grates for Luxury Hotels?

Aside from providing a high quality Australian made product, we also offer custom fabrication, ensuring your exclusive accommodation gets a bespoke product, fit for purpose and design. Click here to learn more about custom grates.

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