Great Holidays Vs. Communal Bathroom Drainage

When Grates Aren’t Great – Poor Communal Bathroom Drainage Design

As our iconic beaches and tourist parks burst at the seams with visitors and holiday-makers seeking to escape the sweltering summer heat, (or warm up in a hot shower for those in the snow) take a thought for the poor communal bathroom facilities struggling to keep up with the drainage demands caused by the litres of extra water.

For any regular visitors to these usually clean and well drained facilities, the holidays create unfortunate changes. If not well prepared for these increased drainage demands, bathroom floors may become slippery, and usually sufficient shower drains, unable to keep up, may leave an unsavoury residual few inches of water (the contents of which we would all prefer not to think about!).

How Can Shower Facilities Be Better Prepared for These Peak Times?

One important consideration is a shift in mindset from the needs of the home shower versus the needs of communal showers, First and foremost:

What volume of water is required to be drained?

Do your research. What volume of users are you expecting in peak times? Ideally, this is something that would have been considered in the original design of the facilities, but talk to the experts to better understand how this number of visitors converts to actual drainage requirements, such as:

  • Number of drains
  •  Size of drainage catchment area
  •  Number of drainage outlets

Linear drainage may offer a better solution for communal showers as these channel system provide a greater water catchment area. Linear drains can even be installed to span the length of adjacent shower cubicles. At Auswave Products we offer additional flexibility with the ability to customise grate and channel size, as well as the number of drainage outlets, to your needs.

Consider the Gradient?

One of the drainage basics. Even the largest of drains is going to be hindered in its efficacy without sufficient slope. Maximise your drainage potential by talking with drainage experts to ensure that not only do you have a sufficient gradient for drainage, but also, that your drain is placed in the optimal location.

Up the Ante with Stainless Steel Floor Grates!

Take communal bathroom drainage to the next level with floor grates! Rather than potentially slippery tiles, heelguard floor grates can be used to create a hygienic and well drained flooring surface – No mopping required!

For added peace of mind, floor grates are available in a slip resistant finish.

Other Ways Stainless Steel Grates Can Be Used in Communal Bathing Facilities

The outdoor shower:

Stainless steel grates are ideal for outdoor showers and foot taps. Unlike other drainage styles which frequently cause beach-goers to hopelessly attempt to rid their feet of sand amidst a puddle of sand, stainless steel grates not only allow water to drain but sand to pass also, making for a much more positive user experience

Ventilation Grills:

Stainless steel grates can be strategically placed to allow maximum bathroom ventilation also.

Why Stainless Steel Grates for the Seaside?

The seaside environment is a harsh one. Anyone who has lived by the ocean can attest to the perennially foggy windows and the untimely death that sea spray wreaks on a range of materials. Stainless steel is the ideal material for seaside applications, as a corrosion resistant material that is tough enough to withstand the salty air, as well as the harsh baking sun.

We Can Help You With Communal Bathroom Drainage!

At Auswave Products we have a wealth of experience in the drainage industry and in dealing with architectural projects. Not only do we offer a range of products suited to communal bathroom facilities, but also the expertise to advise you on your project needs and ensure its fulfillment – we will work with you from concept to completion.

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