Custom Shower Drainage Solutions

Custom Made Shower Grates

With a wide variety of shower drainage products available in the market, you would be forgiven for overlooking the need for custom shower drainage solutions. Even with the variety of shower drain styles, shapes, materials, cover type, colours and so on, there are still applications where a suitable “off the shelf” drainage solution cannot be found. If your project falls in the below category, then you too may be in need of a custom shower drain.

Double Shower Drains

As a standard, all our bathroom drains are designed for water throughput of 6 litres per second. While this is sufficient for the average shower head, if you are introducing a second shower head, then a single drain is going to struggle. Of course, there is the option of a second drain, however, a more elegant solution would be a custom length linear shower grate with multiple outlets.

Public Shower Drains

Perhaps you are building shower facilities for a surf club, gym, aquatic centre or holiday park. Adjacent shower stalls can present tiling challenges when point drainage is the chosen drain style. Point drains require that water is gently funneled to the drain, this means that the floor needs to slope from all sides.

Conversely, linear drains, when installed along the shower wall, require only a singular slope to achieve effective drainage. For adjacent shower stalls a custom extra long linear drain with multiple outlets and a pitch in the channel is an ideal drainage solution – not only would you avoid the tiling nightmares, but it will look better. Bonus!

Outdoor Shower Drains

Argh! We’ve all used them… you know the type… at the beach, trying to get the sand off you all the while standing in a puddle of the stuff. Smart outdoor shower designs use a slip resistant grate mat or platform that allows the salty water to go back to where it belongs, the ocean, and not your shoes.

Unique Shower Drains

Got a unique shower? Then maybe you are in need of a unique shower drain to match. Perhaps you are after curved linear grates for a round shower. Or, maybe a coloured (black shower grates perhaps?) or plated (how about gold shower grates?) to match your design palate. What about a bespoke patterned grate, or perhaps a printed grate. Check out our page on finishes for further inspiration.

Custom Shower Drains by Auswave Products

If you require a custom shower drain then you have come to the right place! At Auswave Products we supply quality Australian made stainless steel grates with a focus on custom, for showers and beyond.

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