Traditional Vs. Linear Drainage

What is Linear Drainage?

Linear drainage is the relative “new kid on the block” when it comes to drainage solutions. Also referred to as a “trench” or “channel” drainage, linear grates collect water along the length of a channel, rather than at a singular point as is the case with the more traditional “point drainage” system.

One of the key advantages of linear drainage systems is that they are installed flush with the flooring surface, delivering a level plane – this is a big win for mobility and accessibility concerns, making linear drainage the ideal solution for thresholds, walk in showers and beyond.

Beyond these highly functional advantages, linear grates are becoming more and more popular with builders and architects alike for their aesthetic qualities, particularly in the creation of open plan living spaces.

How Do Linear Drains Work?

Traditional point drainage systems require that the floor slopes from all directions to ensure suitable water egress. Conversely, linear drainage systems require only a single gradient fall.

Aside from providing that safer level plane that we mentioned above, the singular slope required by linear drainage systems also allows for a simpler, and potentially cheaper, installation process. Generally requiring less drop, linear drainage provide a greater flexibility in where the drain is installed (i.e. it need not be in the centre of a room or shower – see photo above.)

Is Linear Drainage as Good as Traditional Drainage?

Indeed, in fact, when installed correctly, linear grates offer superior drainage. Fundamentally, this comes down to the fact that point drainage relies on a singular, easily clogged point, whereas linear drainage offers the length of the grate for water collection.

To put this into perspective, square point drains are available in as small a diameter as 100 mm, whereas our smallest standard linear grate is 75 mm wide by 900 mm long – this is clearly a significant diference in surface area for drainage!

Linear Grates for All!

Traditional shower designs can present some difficulties for the mobility impaired, In the interest of containing water to the realms of the shower (and not all over the bathroom floor), showers have traditionally featured a step-down or threshold that poses a trip hazard to those who are less steady on their feet and a downright obstruction to the elderly, and those using wheelchairs and walkers.

Linear shower grates are the ideal solution for preventing the slips and trips, providing effective shower and bathroom drainage, while additionally they can eliminate the need for the shower threshold, offering level plane access to a shower – the walk in shower.

Not restricted to bathrooms and showers, there are many other places around the house, yard, and in public spaces, where linear drainage can be used to promote accessibility for all. For example, linear threshold drainage can be used in a like manner to eliminate the need for a raised doorway threshold, from balconies, and other outdoor spaces, in.

Linear Grates for Open Plan Designs

Whether for the sake of accessibility or simply an aesthetic preference, linear grates can be used facilitate open plan spaces.

As well as replacing the physical barriers at a doorway threshold, linear grates can eliminate any visual barriers also. Particularly when employed with a tile insert style drain cover, linear grates can create an almost seamless visual line from the shower to the rest of the bathroom, or from interior to exterior spaces, giving a sense of expanse.

Linear Grates for Open Plan Design

At Auswave Products, our linear grates are fabricated from high quality stainless steel, in Australia, according to our stringent design and construction standards. Our linear grates are capable of withstanding both the conditions of a shower, as well as those of an outdoor environment. Our linear bathroom and shower grates are available in a range of grate cover styles, including wedgewire, tile insert and patterned perforated grates; as well as in a range of finishes, included plated, coloured, printed and even paired with LED for added bathroom ambiance.

Find out more about Linear Shower Grates

We offer similar flexibility in our outdoor linear grates, most popularly wedgewire heelguard grates for commercial and civil projects.

Find out more about Heelguard

For the ultimate in linear drainage system convenience, check out our modular drainage system CLICK DRAIN ®

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