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Melbourne is a diverse and bustling city. From its colourful lane ways, art deco architecture, iconic markets, to its sophisticated coffee, bar and dining scene, Melbourne is an exciting place to be. Whether you are exploring the city via its comprehensive tram network, or merely using it as a stepping stone for a road trip of the greater Victorian countryside, Melbourne has something for everybody.

Auswave Products – Stainless Steel Grates Supplier Melbourne

As the second most populous city in Australia and Oceania, and one that has notoriously changeable weather conditions, Melbourne has a great need for strong, durable surface water drainage solutions that are both effective, but safe for its substantial volumes of pedestrian traffic.

Auswave Products produce high quality, Australian made and designed stainless steel grates for civil, architectural, as well as general plumbing applications. Grates that are durable enough to withstand all that Melbourne’s residents, tourists and weather conditions can throw at them!

How Can Auswave Products’ Stainless Steel Grates Be Used in Melbourne Constructions?

More than just a shower grate supplier, at Auswave Products we specialise in, and thrive on, custom works. With a full CAD drafting system and 15 years servicing the architectural industry (and well beyond that in experience in drainage), we have worked with national and international corporations, architects and builders to make their visions a reality.

Our stainless steel wedgewire grates have been used in a diverse range of applications nationally, from linear shower grates in private residences to heelguard walk bridges and beyond, our grates can be found throughout the country.

Here is just a sample of the ways that our stainless steel grates can be used in Melbourne.

Municiple and outdoor spaces

Our Stainless Steel Heelguard Wedgewire grates are the ideal medium for outdoor spaces that require drainage, and are both subject to the impact of both weather and pedestrian traffic. By their very nature, our Heelguard grates prevent heels from becoming stuck, so they are ideal in inner city Melbourne locations as well. Here is just some of the ways our grates can be used in Melbourne outdoor spaces:

  • Heelguard trench grates – Our linear grates can be installed in pavements for excellent drainage and pedestrian safety.
  • Walkway and floor grates – Not just a linear grate, our Heelguard Grates can be be used as a complete walkway or flooring solution for optimal drainage. For added pedestrian safety they are available in a slip resistant finish, making them the ideal material for pontoons, nature walkways and beyond.
  • Access covers – We provide a range of access cover options to ensure underground services points (drainage or electrical) are concealed, flush with the surround pavement for pedestrian safety, and its contents protected from outdoor conditions if required.
  • Tree and Water Feature Grates – Our tree grates and water feature grates are ideal for green spaces and beyond. The attractive aesthetics of our grates make them suitable for the most stately Melbourne location. Additionally, our linear water feature grates solutions are available in curved and custom lengths, ensuring that your creative vision need not be hampered by drainage concerns.
Boutique Constructions in Melbourne

From office buildings, boutique apartments to casinos and beyond. We offer grate solutions for your construction from your driveways inwards and upwards throughout the building. Here is just a sample of the ways our grates can be used in boutique Melbourne constructions.

  • Driveway Grates – Our wedgewire linear driveway grates offer an attractive drainage solution for even the most grandiose of entrances. Available in straight or curved lines, our driveway grates can even be paired with LED for added entrance ambience!
  • Entry Mats – Our Heelguard entry mats provides an elegant utility for your lobby entrance. Our entry mats work in draining away dust and water at a building entrance, thus helping to maintain internal flooring materials, reduce cleaning, all the while providing a safe entrance for pedestrians.
  • Floor Waste Grates – We provide a range of grate options for internal plumbing needs also. Available in linear and point style, or as a larger grate flooring system, our grates can be used in domestic and public bathrooms, laundries, commercial and domestic kitchens, for example. If you are looking for a more discrete drainage solution, then we provide tile insert drains, which provide a drainage point that is barely distinguishable from the surrounding flooring.
  • Threshold Grates – Linear threshold grates are ideal for balcony drainage in apartments, allowing for water to be effectively drained away at the door threshold meaning there is no need for a raised threshold. Threshold grates are the perfect partner to French and bi-fold doors.
  • Balcony drainage – Additionally, our linear wedgewire grates can be installed along the balcony line to provide effective balcony drainage for a safe and usable outdoor space.
  • Pool Grates – Available in curved or straight or linear pool grates look as attractive alongside a pool as the obligatory sun lounge! Ideal even for the lapping edges of a horizon pool!

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