Stainless Steel Grates for Hospitality

Grate Solutions for Hospitality

The hospitality industry is one that is subject to an array of regulations. From liquor licensing to food licensing and then, of course, good old OH&S, compliance can be like negotiating a mine field for the hospitality business owner.

So, what do stainless steel grates have to do with this?

Quite simply, our stainless steel grates can go a long way in assisting with the latter two legislative concerns, while providing a whole lot more value to your hospitality fit out.

Stainless Steel Grates and Food Hygiene

While food licensing regulations may change from location to location, one common element among commercial kitchens everywhere is the use of stainless steel. From benches to splash backs, stainless steel is as common in a commercial kitchen as salt and pepper.

This is for good reason, food grade stainless steel (that which is deemed safe for food preparation, storage and dining for its quality, durability and temperature resistance, generally 304 grade) is a popular choice in the food industry thanks its resistance to corrosion and oxidization, its durability and ease of cleaning. Furthermore stainless steel is safe, as it is not broken down by various acids in food, nor does 304 grade stainless contain any harmful chemicals that can be transferred into your food. For all these reasons, stainless steel is popular in small and large commercial kitchen alike, as well as being a mainstay in large scale food processing facilities.

While it is obvious that food preparation surfaces require food grade stainless steel’s amazing properties, stainless steel can provide a safe and hygienic material in commercial kitchens in other ways also – through the use of stainless steel grates.

This is not simply a case of looking down to observe a little drain in the middle of the room, stainless steel grates can be a much more valuable resource in a commercial kitchen or food processing facility.

Stainless Steel Floor Grates for Commercial Kitchens

Floor grates can provide an easy to clean and well drained flooring solution for a hygienic commercial kitchen.

Given that floor grates (unlike a solid flooring surface) offer drainage qualities, they are the ideal choice for facilities where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Stainless steel floor grates can withstand the volumes of water, heat and chemicals that may be required for a facilities’ sanitation process. Furthermore, fluids are drained away reducing the risk of prolonged moisture or water pooling that bacteria loves!

Our wedgewire grates offer the added safety benefits for commercial kitchen, bars and food processing facilities, providing a well drained flooring option for wet areas, with the option of an added slip resistant finish.

How Else Can Stainless Steel Grates Serve the Hospitality Industry?

Stainless steel drying and cooling racks for commercial kitchens

Once again the fabulous drainage, as well as ventilation, qualities of stainless steel grates can be utilized in commercial kitchens. Much more than a “wire rack”, our stainless steel bar grating offers a much more industrial solution for drying or cooling, making it ideal in large scale food processing operations where durability is key.

Stainless steel bar drip tray and grates

If you are looking for an attractive bar drip tray and grate solution then you have come to the right place. Auswave Product’s bar grates provide an easy clean and attractive solution. Looking for an added touch of opulence? Why not get them gold plated!

Stainless Steel Grates for Front of House and Beyond

Stainless steel entry mats for hospitality

Provide a safe and well drained entrance for your patrons with stainless steel entry mats. Unlike the old dust collector variety of door mat, stainless steel mats are easy clean and drain away water and dust ensuring you make all the right kind of first impression, before the menu even hits the table.

Stainless steel grates for water features and beyond

Really looking to take your establishment to the next level? Auswave Products’ stainless steel grates for water features, can create a stunning visual feature for your patrons.

Looking for more glitz? Incorporate our grate lights to inject some drama (and colour!) to your feature.

Do your own a resort style establishment? Perhaps your restaurant or bar overlooks a pool – our sleek linear pool grates are an attractive finish to an elegant pool, whether it features right angles or curves!

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