Tile Insert Shower Grates

What are Tile Insert Shower Grates?

What’s in a name? In the case of tile insert shower drains, a pretty good product description, that’s what!

Unlike other varieties of drain, tile inserts do not feature a grate cover, rather, a frame into which your chosen tile is… wait for it.. inserted! Water is drained via narrow openings (annular space) around the side of the tile, the only hint of the drain concealed underneath. Tile insert shower grates are a discrete but effective drainage product.

Get Grate and Drain Inserts for a Seamless Finish to Your Shower, Bathroom and Beyond!

Why Choose Tile Insert Shower Grates?

The beauty of tile insert drains is that they are purpose designed to blend seamlessly with tiled shower floors.

Basically, tile insert drains can be used with any tiled floor surface, showers and beyond!

A wide variety of other locations feature these drains, such as bathroom and laundry floors, sliding doorways, outdoor patios, garages, pools, and any tiled area where water drains are necessary!

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Tile Insert Shower Drains Assembly

What Makes the Best Tile Insert Shower Grate?

There are a wide variety of tile insert shower grates available on the market, but not all are created equal! At Auswave Products, we supply tile insert shower grates that exceed other products on the markets thanks to material selection, thoughtful design and superior stainless steel construction.

We use stainless steel which provides superior endurance and a better finish to tile insert shower grates. We don’t use just any old grade of stainless – we use only 304 and 316 marine grade.

Our product is the best on the market by design and will outlast any competitor’s product (which are mostly Chinese produced and require replacement over time!). This is particularly important when it comes to tile inserts, imagine having your stone or designer ceramic insert crack because the design and manufacture were sub par and the product warped over time…

Overview of Benefits of Our Tile Insert Shower Grates

  • Australian Made
  • Compliant with Australian standards
  • Quality materials, design, and construction
  • Available in a variety of dimensions
  • Custom sizes available!

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Get Tile Insert Shower Grates for a Seamless Finish to Your Shower, Bathroom and Beyond!

If you are looking for an effective but discrete drainage solution, tile insert shower grates are the product for you. With a seamless finish, tile insert shower grates are an outstanding solution to keeping the decorative lines of your tiled, stone or marble finish bathroom.

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